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91% of new cars in Switzerland now with DAB+ as standard

OFCOM surveys show that the proportion of new vehicles in which DAB+ reception is fitted as standard rose sharply again in 2018 and is now 91%, compared with 85% in the previous year. This means that the requirement that will apply in the European Union from the end of 2020, whereby every new passenger vehicle must be DAB+-capable, has almost already been met in Switzerland. And it is increasingly clear from the usage figures that more and more cars on Swiss roads are fitted with DAB+. In autumn 2018, for example, DAB+ accounted for 40 out of every 100 radio minutes listened to in a car, which means the DAB+ share has doubled within three years.

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85% of new cars in Switzerland now with DAB+ as standard

According to an analysis conducted on behalf of OFCOM some 290,000 vehicles were sold in 2017 had a DAB+ device already fitted (280,000 units) or had one retrofitted (8,200). The number of vehicles equipped with DAB+ as standard has increased sharply: at the end of 2016 the figure was 66 percent, whereas a year later it had reached 85 percent. Furthermore, for the first time the number of DAB+-enabled vehicles reached the one million mark.

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72% of the Swiss population listens to the radio in the car and Switzerland has the highest DAB+ outdoor coverage of any country. 99% of its population is covered and it has a clear migration strategy for the move from FM to DAB+.

According to leading automakers 65% of all new Swiss vehicles come with DAB+ digital radio as standard. 86% of new cars sold in June 2016 came with DAB+ as standard or as an option.

21% of new cars sold in Switzerland in 2016 were sold with DAB+ as an option.