SNIC Seminar on DAB+ signal distribution

Organised by WorldDAB Event

Date: 9th March 2023

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Types: Seminar

DAB+ signal distribution

Seminar from the WorldDAB Spectrum and Network Implementation Committee

9 March 2023     09:30 – 12:00 (CET) In-person and online

EBU, Grand Saconnex, Geneva, Switzerland (Meeting room “Genève”)

Signal distribution (how to get the signal from the multiplexer to the transmitter) is a very important topic for all operators. Each network operator tackles this issue in a different way. A working and reliable distribution network is essential for a good DAB network.

There are many ways to transport the signal from the multiplex to the transmitter and different strategies to achieve reliability and redundancy. This seminar will look at the various methods used in several advanced DAB markets.

In-person and online attendees were offered an expert view of the various methods used in several advanced DAB markets. If you missed the event you can catch up via the WorldDAB YouTube channel.

Seminar footage is now available - DAB+ signal distribution 
Who registered to attend: 329 broadcasters, network operators, regulators, policymakers, professional equipment manufacturers, representing 55 countries. 

Please note, the speakers presentations are now available

09:30 – 09:50

DAB+ Global update

Speaker: Hanns Wolter, Technical Director, DAB Italia and Chair, WorldDAB Spectrum and Network Implementation Committee

09:50 – 10:10

EDI/ETI distribution over satellite – scenarios and best practice

Speaker: Tork Niendorf, Software Design, 2wcom Systems

10:10 – 10:40

Coffee break

10:40 – 11:00

Regional DAB+ network feeding via IP links

Speaker: Stanislas Roehrich, Chief Technical Officer, digris

11:00 – 11:20

DAB+ signal distribution over IP using EDI + SRT 

Speaker: Emanuele Mancuso, Network Assistant, DAB Italia

11:20 – 11:40

UK small-scale implementations

Speaker: Lawrie Hallett, Operations Director, Future Digital Norfolk

11:40 – 12:00


12:00 – 13:00

Networking lunch


Meeting room “Genève”, EBU, Grand Saconnex, Geneva, Switzerland. For information about travelling to the venue, car parking etc click here.   

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Hanns Wolter, Technical Director, DAB Italia and Chair, WorldDAB Spectrum and Network Implementation Committee

Hanns has been working in the DAB world since 2000 as a Product Manager and has, in these years worked on all issues regarding DAB, at both a national and international level, including the introduction of DAB+ in 2007. He is involved in network planning and spectrum issues and also works closely with hardware manufacturers for the deployment of a comprehensive DAB environment. Currently, he is responsible for the planning and management of the ongoing roll-out of DAB Italia’s network and all issues related to the creation, distribution and transmission of the multiplex.

Lawrie Hallett, Operations Director, Future Digital Norfolk

Dr Lawrie Hallett is based at the University of Bedfordshire, where he teaches and researches, radio, audio and international development.
He is also the Operations Director of Future Digital Norfolk Limited, which has been broadcasting a Small-Scale DAB service to the Greater Norwich area of East Anglia since 2015. With a background in broadcast journalism and later broadcast engineering, he is also a former Senior Radio Executive at Ofcom in London. He continues to work as an independent consultant and has been writing about the broadcast radio industry since the 1990s.

Emanuele Mancuso, DAB Italia

Emanuele Mancuso has been working for DAB Italia since early 2020. He is a network assistant, focussing on the development and integration of IP networks for DAB Italia's national digital radio network. In this context he has gained significant experience with the distribution of real-time signals, also using the SRT protocol. He also contributes to the development of software for processing and analysing of data collected on DAB coverage.

Tork Niendorf, Software Developer, 2wcom Systems

Tork Niendorf has been working for 2wcom Systems since 2012. He is a software developer, focussing on DAB and Audio distribution systems.

Projects so far include:
Audio over Satellite and IP systems since 2012,
DAB over Satellite, including EDI over Satellite and EDI-to-ETI converters at the Transmitter sites throughout Norway, Germany, Italy, France since 2013
MPX over Satellite systems in 2018,
Audio over SRT/RIST in 2020,
New DAB distribution platform for Arqiva (England) since 2021

Stan Roehrich, Chief Technical Officer, digris and DABcom, Vice-President at Open Digital Radio

Stan is the co-founder and CTO of digris AG since 2015. digris operates local DAB SFN coverages in Switzerland, France and the UK. digris develops innovative software and hardware solutions for internal uses. CTO at DABcom who operates a large SFN coverage in Switzerland. Vice president at Open Digital Radio association who maintains open source software for DAB+ tools. Owner of radio Maxxima broadcasting on DAB+ over Switzerland. Broadcast experience since 1994 working as a subcontractor for Eurovision during special events coverages (Political, Sport, Cultural, War Zones) until 2000. Worked at the EBU for 13 years until 2013 as a network architect-engineer.

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