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On 29th March 2018, the National Council announced the results of the competition for digital radio broadcasting in Kyiv. 9 radio stations are to broadcast in DAB+ format, with three of those being dedicated to public broadcasting. More information.

In July 2018, the National Council announced the results of another competition for digital radio broadcasting in Kyiv. Four additional radio stations are to broadcast in the DAB+ format. As of today, 14 DAB+ services are on air. More information

There are currently 14 stations broadcasting on DAB+, four of which are exclusively available on DAB+.


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The population coverage of the local regular DAB+ multiplex on air in Ukraine is about 3 million people (the capital city - Kyiv).

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In this country there is

on air.

The 7D frequency block will be used before the switch off of analogue television, after which it will be converted to 11D.

14 companies were winners of the competition for the DAB+ broadcasting licenses. 10 of the stations on the multiplex are simulcats of FM stations and 4 are exclusive to DAB+.

The first stations began transmissions in June 2018. 

The transmissions are being implemented by the Broadcasting, Radiocommunications and Television Concern (BRT), which is also the telecommunications operator.


Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DAB+ programmes 10 4 14

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The Association of Broadcasters includes companies that hold licenses for broadcasting via DAB+. The objectives of the Association to uphold the interests of its members, network development and the promotion of digital radio.

NRADA members test new DAB+ service in Kyiv
20.06.2018 - Ukraine Ukraine
The quality of Kyiv's new DAB+ multiplex was put to the test on Tuesday, as NRADA chairman Yuri Artemenko and member Sergei Kostinsky found several stations available without using the in-built antenna on their receiver. Nine stations are broadcasting in DAB+ following a tender process conducted in March.

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Nine stations broadcasting in DAB+ in Kyiv trial
19.06.2018 - Ukraine Ukraine
Nine radio stations are broadcasting in the first DAB+ trials in Kyiv following the country's earlier tender process. Ukrainian National Broadcasting Council NRADA chairman Yuriy Artemenko and council member Sergey Kostinsky conducted tests of the new service, reporting that they were able to receive several stations in their vicinity without lifting the antenna from their receiver. Winners from a new tender process will be announced 14 August.

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Three channels of Ukrainian Radio switch to DAB+
19.06.2018 - Ukraine Ukraine
Three channels of Kyiv station Ukrainian Radio has began broadcasting in DAB+, and general producer Dmitry Khorkin has praised the additional data via text and images that come with DAB+, as well as consistent and better sound quality.

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More DAB+ progress in Ukraine, Belgium and France
18.06.2018 - Ukraine Ukraine - Belgium Belgium - France France
DAB+ services have begun in the Ukraine for the first time in Kyiv on 15 June, following the awarding of tenders in March. In Belgium, regulations that will open the way for the deployment of DAB+ in French-speaking Belgium, were approved in the Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. France's CSA has announced a new strategy to “relaunch” the deployment of DAB+ in the country, with the long-term objective is to cover 30 regions and to go from 20–70% coverage of the country by 2020.

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DAB+ broadcasting begins in Kyiv
16.06.2018 - Ukraine Ukraine
Seven radio stations began broadcasting in DAB+ on 15 June in Kyiv, following the awarding of tenders in March.

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First DAB+ stations switched on in Kyiv
15.06.2018 - Ukraine Ukraine
The first DAB+ broadcast took place on 15 June in Kyiv, with seven stations available for listeners. This follows the award of tenders in March.

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Ukraine calls for more DAB+ applications
03.05.2018 - Ukraine Ukraine
Ukraine’s National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting (NRADA) is now accepting applications for the four places remaining on the DAB+ multiplex in Kiev. The Council is accepting applications from 17 May to 15 June, with results to be announced on 14 August.

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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross
23.04.2018 - Mitsubishi Electric Automotive Europe BV WorldDAB Member - Ukraine Ukraine
The Eclipse Cross includes automatic air conditioning and electronic windows, and the infotainment system includes a 7.0-inch screen, DAB radio and connection with smartphone.

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Applications for Ukraine DAB tender to open 17 May
19.04.2018 - Ukraine Ukraine
There are 4 places in the multiplex of digital radio stations in Kyiv. Applications for participation in the tender will be accepted from May 17 to June 15.

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The National Council announces a new tender for digital radio in Kiev
05.04.2018 - Ukraine Ukraine
The tender will feature 4 free spaces in digital multiplex, which will work on two transmitters of the RRT Concern in Kyiv. In total, 14 radio stations can be called in the multiplex.

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Status: regular
Population: 43.8 million
Population coverage: Sparkline Graph 7.07%
Services: 14 DAB+
Last update: 12.06.2020

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