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DAB+ was officially launched in Belgium across Flemish-speaking parts of the country in November 2018, while the official launch of DAB+ in French-speaking Belgium took place in November 2019.

DAB+ population coverage across the country currently stands at 95%, while the number of new cars equipped with DAB+ in the country is 93%, a figure which is expected to reach 100% in 2021.

DAB+ listening in Dutch-speaking Belgium (Q4 2020)

Approximately 38% of the total radio listening volume in Dutch-speaking Belgium is now digital. DAB+ listening particularly high, claiming 17% of total listening in the region, compared to 9% this time last year.

DAB+ listening in French-speaking Belgium in 2020

The latest figures from the Ipsos / survey carried out at the end of 2020 are clear: awareness and consumption of DAB+ is soaring. Digital platforms now represent a third of listening volume, with DAB+ as the leading digital platform for the first time, while listening on FM is down by 18%

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DAB coverage reaches more than 95% of the population across the country’s three principal regions – Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. All motorways and main roads in Belgium are covered with DAB, with mobile coverage standing at approximately 99%.

Nationwide coverage of between one and three layers is achieved by combining the coverage of the different multiplexes on air in Belgium: one regional public multiplex for the Northern, Dutch speaking part (>95% DAB coverage of North population), one regional public multiplex for the Southern, French speaking part (90% DAB/DAB+ outdoor coverage of South population) and one regional commercial multiplex in the Northern part in DAB+ (25% coverage of the North population).

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In this country there are

on air.

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RTBF has been DAB+ Slideshow (SLS) since 2014 on their station Classic 21 (Classic rock format),

Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DAB+ programmes 72 54 126
Data services 0 2 2

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DAB+ is now fitted as standard in new passenger cars in Belgium, and 93% of new vehicles sold in 2020 included DAB+, compared to 89% in 2019 (source: Jato Dynamics).

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Cumulative DAB receiver sales in Belgium stand at 2,097,000 (from 2013 onwards - including automotive receivers).

The availability of DAB and DAB+ receivers in Belgium continues to grow with a range of devices now on the market, including kitchen radios, handheld and tuners. As more DAB+ services launch, with marketing campaigns to support them, sales are expected to grow significantly across Belgium over the next few years.

In French-speaking Belgium, DAB+ compatible domestic receivers sales grew by 40% from 2019 to 2020 while in that same period, FM receivers fell by 19%. On average, 40% of domestic receivers sold in 2020 included DAB+ compared to 27% in 2019 (source: GfK).

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RTBF is currently testing three DAB+ simulcast FM stations with additional services such as slideshow in several bit rates, both for RTBF and for commercial or non-profit radio stations licenced by the regulator (CSA).

VRT is currently testing one DAB+ simulcast FM station with additional services such as slideshow in several bit rates.

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French-speaking Belgium (Wallonia and Brussels)

The French-speaking Belgium regulator - the CSA Belgium - announced on 11 April 2019 that it had received 123 applications for DAB+ licences - see the full list of applicants here.

In June 2018, the Parliament of Wallonia-Brussels Federation approved a draft decree to amend audiovisual services in French-speaking Belgium, paving the way for the deployment of DAB+ services in the region.​ DAB+ services went on air on 15 November 2018.

Flemish-speaking Belgium (Flanders and Brussels)

The public broadcaster for the Belgian Flemish Community, Vlaamse Radio – en Televisie omroep (VRT), has one DAB multiplex on air since 1997, covering Flanders and Brussels with eight radio stations. The network operator Norkring België operates VRT’s multiplex. As of 12 November 2018, all Flemish national radio stations are available on DAB+.


In May 2016, the Flemish government approved the concept of automatic renewal of FM licences for the major commercial broadcasters until 2022, alongside an obligation to invest in DAB+. At that time, the government decided that FM shutdown should take place two years after reaching 50% digital listening, with a complete switch-off date still to be decided.

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DAB+ explained by Digital Radio Belgium (FR)

This two-minute DAB+ promotional video published by Belgium's French-speaking Digital Radio office explains to consumers the various benefits of DAB+, such as improved sound quality and a wider choice of listening, as well as mentioning the EECC directive, which will require new cars across Europe to be compatible with digital radio.

The original video was made by VRT for Digital Radio Vlaanderen.


DAB+ - Explainer from DabplusBEfr on Vimeo.


DAB+ advertisement published by Digital Radio Flanders

In Flanders, radio is increasingly being listened to digitally. According to Ipsos research comissioned by the Flemish government published in October 2019, 26% of the total listening volume is now digital. The strongest increase was listening on DAB+, up from 3% to 9% year on year. This TV spot launched by explains to consumers the benefits of moving from analogue to digital, particularly when listening in the car, with easy tuning and significantly improved sound quality.



A dedicated digital radio website aiming to promote and inform consumers and broadcasters on DAB and DAB+ was launched in Flanders and Brussels in November 2018 (

Aside from the launch of its website dedicated to DAB, the region of Flanders has been particularly active in terms of marketing activities promoting DAB digital radio across TV, radio and online in the weeks leading to the 2018 holiday season. To that effect, two separate campaigns to raise awareness on DAB+ were set up as part of Digital Radio Week in November and December 2018, which all radio stations broadcasting in DAB+ radio participated in.


Belgian Digital Radio Week confirms DAB+ growth
18.11.2021 - Belgium Belgium
Almost a fifth of all radio listening in Belgium is via DAB+, up from only 3% in three years. According to figures collected by survey agency Ipsos, 41% of the total radio listening volume is via a digital platform; 19% via DAB+. In 2018, that figure was only 3%.

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Digital Radio Flanders 2021 research report: the details
17.11.2021 - Belgium Belgium
Commissioned by the Flemish government, the research agency Ipsos conducted a survey for the fourth year in a row among 2,000 Flemings (12+) about the state of affairs of DAB+ and digital radio in general. The full PDF of the fourth wave of the Ipsos study is available to download here.

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Flanders: DAB+ confirms strong growth from last year in new measurement
17.11.2021 - Flanders Department of Culture, Youth and Media - Government of Flanders WorldDAB Member - Belgium Belgium
In Flanders, about 41% of the total radio listening volume is now digital, 19% listens via DAB+. This is apparent from the latest figures of the research into digital listening, carried out by research agency Ipsos on behalf of the Flemish Government. The growth is also reflected in the in-car listening. Last year, 26% of the in-car listening volume was digital, in 2021 this will increase to 34%. Thanks to the new EECC (European Electronic Communications Code) legislation that came into effect from January this year, every new car sold now includes a DAB+ radio

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DAB+ strong growth - 41 percent of listening done digitally
16.11.2021 - Belgium Belgium
In recent years, Flemish media companies have focused on digital radio and DAB+. “We notice that digital listening is gaining momentum,” says VRT radio manager Els Van de Sijpe. “A richer offer on DAB+ can further strengthen this growth. We have received a massive amount of enthusiastic reactions, proof that we really respond to the needs of our listeners. We can further expand this new VRT offer after the successful start.”

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Belgium's Digital Radio week gets under way
15.11.2021 - WorldDAB Member - Belgium Belgium
Three years after the launch of its first edition, launched the 2021 edition of the Digital Radio Week. From 15-21 November 2021 all of French-speaking Belgiums radio stations will together promote digital listening, DAB+ devices and the Radioplayer app. 16 new local DAB+ radio stations launch to coincide with the event.

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DPG group launch new DAB+ R&B radio station
05.11.2021 - Belgium Belgium
On Oct. 25, commercial broadcaster Qmusic, part of DPG Media Group, launched a new DAB+ radio station that caters to R&B and hip-hop aficionados. Under the banner “Q-Downtown,” the station claims to be the first DAB+ station in the country to focus on this musical genre.

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Flanders - VRT strengthens its offer on DAB+
29.10.2021 - Belgium Belgium
VRT Radio is strengthening its offering on DAB+ with two sub-brands. Both Radio 2 Bene Bene and StuBru De Tijdloze are already existing popular radio programs and digital music streams in the apps. From now on they will also be available on DAB+. "With this extra offer, we are strengthening the further digitisation of the radio landscape," says manager VRT Radio & Audio, Els Van de Sijpe. "Already 38% of the listening volume in Flanders is digital. DAB+ is driving this evolution as a digital successor to FM, with complementary listening via web players, apps or via digital TV. A richer offer will further accelerate digital listening."

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New hip hop and R&B station launches in Flanders
27.10.2021 - Belgium Belgium
On Monday, Qmusic in Flanders will launch Q-DOWNTOWN on DAB+. Michael Dujardin, channel manager Qmusic in Flanders in a press release about the new radio station: “We are very happy to announce Q-DOWNTOWN today, because from now on we can offer a large group of young people a broad and accessible radio station that completely matches their way of life. As a Flemish media company, we see it as our task and responsibility to create an inclusive offer that fully reflects how our society is structured today."

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Local DAB+ in Flanders - interest from 87 local radio stations
16.10.2021 - Belgium Belgium
No fewer than 87 local radio stations have expressed interest in joining a DAB+ pilot project in Flanders, Belgium. West Flanders has the most interested parties, followed by East Flanders and Antwerp.

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Local DAB+ in Belgium (Flanders)
22.09.2021 - Flanders Department of Culture, Youth and Media - Government of Flanders WorldDAB Member - Belgium Belgium
Flemish Media Minister Benjamin Dalle has outlined the framework in a zoom meeting with Flemish local radios on Tuesday afternoon in which pilot projects for regional DAB+ will become possible. In the best case scenario, the first trial muxes in Flanders can start on February 1, 2022.

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Status: regular
Population: 11.0 million
Population coverage: Sparkline Graph 97%
Services: 126 DAB+, 2 Data
Line-fit automotive sales (cumulative): 1,372,000 devices
New cars with DAB/DAB+ as standard: Sparkline Graph 96%
Total Sales (cumulative): 2,097,000 devices
Penetration by household: Sparkline Graph 21%
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