Belgium - Services on Air - History


RTBF has been DAB+ Slideshow (SLS) since 2014 on their station Classic 21 (Classic rock format),

  • Currently one layer in operation (two regional multiplexes – for the Northern and the Southern parts of the country). There are currently 16 DAB and 3 DAB+ trial services on air and current population coverage is 95% (mobile). There is also a data channel for traffic information (TPEG) on both multiplexes.
  • North (Flanders + Brussels): 9 DAB channels (Flemish Public broadcaster VRT) and launch in May 2015 of a second layer in DAB+ in Brussels and the surrounding area ( not a trial ) with 7 commercial radio stations as a first step in a community-wide deployment.
  • South (Wallonia + Brussels): 7 DAB channels (5 from the French speaking and 2 from the German speaking Public Broadcasters, RTBF and BRF) and 3 DAB+ trial channels (RTBF). Public funding request to upgrade the current RTBF DAB network to DAB+ to ensure deep indoor coverage of Brussels and Wallonia and to have a potential massive public launch in 2017 or 2018.