Belgium - Services on Air - History

  • Currently one layer in operation (two regional multiplexes – for the Northern and the Southern parts of the country). There are currently 16 DAB and 3 DAB+ trial services on air and current population coverage is 95% (mobile). There is also a data channel for traffic information (TPEG) on both multiplexes.
  • North (Flanders + Brussels): 9 DAB channels (Flemish Public broadcaster VRT) and launch in May 2015 of a second layer in DAB+ in Brussels and the surrounding area ( not a trial ) with 7 commercial radio stations as a first step in a community-wide deployment.
  • South (Wallonia + Brussels): 7 DAB channels (5 from the French speaking and 2 from the German speaking Public Broadcasters, RTBF and BRF) and 3 DAB+ trial channels (RTBF). Public funding request to upgrade the current RTBF DAB network to DAB+ to ensure deep indoor coverage of Brussels and Wallonia and to have a potential massive public launch in 2017 or 2018.

In the Flemish-speaking part of the country there are nine DAB audio programs (four of which are exclusive to DAB) broadcast by Norkring for the public broadcaster VRT.

In the French-speaking part of the country there are five DAB audio programs (simulcast) by the public broadcaster RTBF and two DAB audio programs (simulcast) by the German speaking public broadcaster BRF. Four simulcast DAB+ audio and data programs are also currently being tested. There is also a data channel for traffic information (TPEG) on both multiplexes.