Norway - Marketing - History


Information to the public from the broadcasters is coordinated, and partly performed, by Digitalradio Norway. Digitalradio Norway is owned by public broadcaster NRK and Norway's no.1 commercial broadcaster, P4.

The campaigns to inform the public about the transition to digital radio broadcast have mainly been using the radio as their medium. These have frequently been on air on commercial radio stations and on NRK's radio- and TV-channels. Digitalradio Norway also operates the web-page, which includes news, DAB coverage maps, how-to articles and videos, and information about the growing DAB channel selection in Norway.

Digitalradio Norway also has 2 promotors using 100% of their time visiting car- and electronics dealers across the country, to inform about DAB. They also assist in marketing activities and events directed at the general public.

To stimulate commercial companies to maximise their effort to promote digital radio, the commercial radio broadcasters offer co-promotion of DAB-related campaigns on their radio stations. This has proven very effective, attractive to the sales outlets, and has strengthened the awareness of DAB.

For 2014, the main focus will be on DAB-adaptors for cars, securing that there will be as many competent installers as possible. This will also reflect in the marketing and information activities, and in the focus of the promotors.