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A DAB trial was on air in Beijing in Band III. China’s regulatory body, State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT), chose DAB as the standard for digital audio services in May 2006, and tested DMB services in the following years. Beijing Jolon, GTM in Guangzhou and other broadcasters provided DMB services during the Olympic Games in 2008. 

Beijing Jolon, the biggest broadcaster in Beijing, launched ‘Push Radio’ based on DAB in 2010 in Beijing. The technology, developed by Jolon, sends an audio file directly to a DAB+ digital radio receiver instead of requiring the listener to connect their iPod or mp3 player to the internet to receive programming. Beijing Jolon broadcast 30 hours – or 25 program channels everyday through Push Radio.

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Coverage was available in Beijing; 20 million people.

The DAB services in Guangdong were switched off in 2016 and in Hong Kong in 2017.

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There were four regular local multiplexes on air, and more than 15 main transmitters in Beijing.

Beijing: 17 DAB+ radio services (13 of which are simulcast) and 1 Push Radio service, 2 data services (one simulcast and one exclusive to DAB+) by Beijing Jolon (commercial broadcaster) on Band III.

Beijing Communication Radio broadcast traffic information on DAB via TPEG.

The four multiplexes broadcast in VHF Band III (CN11A, 208.720 MHz; CN 11D, 213.856 MHz).

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Beijing Communication Radio broadcast traffic information on DAB via TPEG.

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Several digital radio receiver retailers operated in Beijing and Shanghai. Over 80,000 devices were sold in Beijing alone. Beijing Jolon developed a Push Radio receiver named “SoundCube”, which can receive both live DAB/DAB+ broadcasting and Push Radio services.

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Digital radio services broadcast on Band III. SARFT manages licences and standards in China. DAB/DAB+/DMB based services were the only European digital broadcasting technology that has been granted licences in China. In 2007 four operators were granted trial licences following SARFT approval.

Shenzhen Locitech DAB H60
18.05.2018 - China China
The DAB+ radio supports FM, 10 favorite station presets and handsfree calls. It doubles as a remote-controlled digital alarm clock with sleep and snooze functions. Having an S/N ratio more than 70dBA and distortion less than 1 percent, the radio can produce hi-fi sounds.

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WorldDAB release report on receiver sales
15.05.2017 - China China
WorldDAB announces its latest version of the DAB radio sales, coverage and home penetration charts at the end of 2016 in Europe and Asia Pacific. The latest version includes the first time in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

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Public service broadcasting in China and Hong Kong #RadioAsia
02.05.2016 - China China - Hong Kong Hong Kong
In a Radio Asia conference session about public service broadcasting, a range of speakers discussed the challenges and importance of public sector broadcasting. RTHK Hong Kong, has been developing digital broadcasting on DAB since 2011, and has a mobile app and online services.

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Broadcast radio remains a reliable and robust service: Joan Warner at Radio Asia Conference
25.04.2016 - Commercial Radio & Audio WorldDAB Member - Australia Australia - China China
Broadcast digital radio allows audiences to receive audio without using data, and allows advertisers to become more interactive with listeners, explained Warner. She also explained the benefits of DAB+ which include low cost and high energy efficiency.

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Let us Talk Radio is the theme for RadioAsia Conference 2016
16.04.2016 - China China
The event will feature over 50 high calibre speakers who will be presenting many key developments and updates in international radio programming and bring new opportunities to participants to build new contacts and expand markets.

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Chinese order for test system
05.11.2012 - Factum Electronics AB - China China
Factum Electronics, world-leading supplier of equipment for digital multimedia broadcasting, has once again been developing state-of-the-art technology to the broadcasting market. The latest addition to the product family is the new ALL-IN-ONE-ONE test system, in which the system contains of multiplexer, data server, management system and a 4-channel DAB/DAB+ encoder in the very same single 1U hardware.

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Telairity Continues to Lead in China Encoder Market with Separate Wins for ...
08.05.2012 - China China
In November, 2011, the Chinese government mandated that the DTV network being installed in Sichuan, based on China's Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcast (DTMB) standard, must extend throughout the country by the end of 2012 with over 3000 ...

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CTX Virtual Technologies, Inc. and Beijing Broadcast Co. Begin Joint Venture ...
29.09.2011 - China China
These members will be provided with remote assistance during any emergency or problem via the DAB and 3G communication systems. Leveraging the system, member drivers will be provided mobile Internet connection service via the 3G communication system at ...

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CTX Virtual Technologies, Inc. Enters Joint Venture Discussions With Beijing ...
28.09.2011 - China China
3D Navigation: Is a real time 3D road display on the windshield reporting road situations by a DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) system from time to time. When the vehicle speed reaches 60km per hour, the navigation display automatically changes to a ...

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Meet Frontier Silicon at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair Autumn Edition 2011
26.09.2011 - Frontier Smart Technologies WorldDAB Member - China China
You are invited to visit Frontier Silicon’s exclusive demonstration suite, where you can experience leading edge digital-audio broadcast, network and automotive technologies. Contact details to make an appointment are given at the end of this invitation.

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    Three new members join WorldDAB


    Three new organisations have joined WorldDAB since May 2020. They are Malta's network operator Digi B Network Ltd., Chinese receiver manufacturer Hidaka Corporation and Azerbaijan's network operator Radio-Television Broadcasting and Satellite Communications Production Unity (Teleradio PU). WorldDAB now has a total of 106 members from 32 countries.

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