Three new members join WorldDAB

05.08.2020 by Rebecca Keene, Stakeholder Relations Manager

Three new organisations have joined WorldDAB since May 2020. They are Malta's network operator Digi B Network Ltd., Chinese receiver manufacturer Hidaka Corporation and Azerbaijan's network operator Radio-Television Broadcasting and Satellite Communications Production Unity (Teleradio PU). WorldDAB now has a total of 106 members from 32 countries.

Digi B Network Ltd.

Digi B Network is a technology company operating the DAB platform in Malta providing innovation in radio through diverse content possible only on digital radio. Digi B Network launched the first DAB+ platform in Europe and brought to market the first DAB+ aftermarket car stereo. DAB in Malta covers almost the whole island and earlier in 2020 Digi B commenced a network upgrade that would give nearly 100% indoor coverage across the island.

Hidaka Corporation

Hidaka Corporation specialises in the design and manufacturing of car radio systems, wireless systems and home security systems.  

They develop and produce car audio equipment specially for excavators and other heavy contruction equipment which require high voltage, vibration, dust/water proof functionalities.

They have been in business for 20 years and supply products under private brands and also offer OEM development.

Radio-Television Broadcasting and Satellite Communications Production Unity (Teleradio PU) 

Teleradio PU is a state-owned enterprise providing services for the terrestrial broadcasting of radio and television, radio communications (operation of radio-relay line network) and broadcasting radio and TV programmes via satellite and DAB+.

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