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Malta was the first European country to roll out a DAB+ network and services have been on-air since 2008. There are over 40 services on the two national multiplexes which include digital only stations, MOT, EPG and DLS applications. The multiplexes are operated by Digi B Network and cover 100% of the population. By the end of 2012, over 25% of Maltese radio listeners were tuning in via DAB+.

A second national multiplex (6A – Digi B2) was launched in 2011. Malta boasts a vibrant and growing DAB+ community of services.

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Malta’s coverage is 100% via blocks 6A/6C and 12A since 2013.

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In this country there are

on air.

There are two regular national multiplexes on air.

Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DAB+ programmes 53 0 53

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Awareness and interest in DAB+ is growing substantially. A range of DAB+ radios from manufacturers such as Pure, Revo, Roberts Radio and Digi B Network are available in Malta. The DigiB Network launched the first DAB+ in-car receiver which is currently available in retail stores or online

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DigiB is committed to bringing increased listening choice to its digital audience and plans to continue to run test broadcasts of new services.

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The regulator, the Malta Broadcasting Authority, has embraced digital radio and multi-media broadcasting. DigiB Network, which operates the national multiplex, hopes to increase available services to around 60 channels, with the introduction of the third Multiplex in 2014. In 2012 DigiB Network started promoting the idea of High Definition Audio on DAB+ in co-operation with Vibe FM and Magic radio, both available nationally on FM. They are now being trialled on the DAB+ platform at 160Kbit and 128Kbit, allowing listeners to compare the difference between DAB+ and FM. There is plenty of choice among local stations with genres such as opera, pop, classical, news, religion, sport and jazz.

In early 2006, the Malta Communications Authority awarded the country’s four terrestrial DAB frequencies. The licence runs for eight years, subject to review after six. The Broadcasting Authority in 2008 approved the rebroadcasting of 36 foreign digital radio stations, the simulcasting of 12 nationwide analogue radio stations and of one community radio station.

Factum Radioscape selected for DAB monitoring in Malta
WorldDAB Members News - 31.07.2019 - Factum Radioscape - Malta - Malta
Malta’s DAB Multiplex Operator Digi B Network have selected the Observa Field Monitor for quality of service, content and coverage checks. As the transmitter network expands to improve indoor coverage, the Observa device will provide key data to assist in the enhancement of DAB service reception.
From Factum Radioscape:

New transmitters set to move Malta closer to achieving full indoor coverage for DAB+ radio
15.07.2019 - Malta - Malta
Digi B Network, Malta's DAB+ operator, will be upgrading its distribution network with the provisioning of new Liquid cooled transmitters. Liquid cooling allows the devices to operate at higher power whilst reducing the thermal stress. This increases the devices' lifetime and reliabity in the process, resulting in higher power leading to a substantial improvment in coverage.
From Malta Today:

DAB+ listening increasing in Malta, according to new study
05.09.2018 - Malta - Malta
Ten years since DAB+ was first introduced to Malta, a new study has shown that 60,000 people now listen to radio via a digital means, as new programming choices have become available. The study by Broadcasting Authority Malta shows that 13.4% of Maltese people have access to a DAB+ radio.
From TVM:

Pioneer adds two new models to its DAB range.
12.12.2012 - Malta - Malta
Pioneer has launched a single-din and double-din DAB head unit to follow up its first ever all-in-one DAB unit, the DEH-X6500DAB. The single-din, DEH-X8500DAB and double-din, touch-screen AVH-X3500DAB both come with DAB+ and Parrot Bluetooth technology as well as a whole host of other features.
From DigiB:

KISS on DAB+ launched
14.09.2012 - Malta - Malta
KISS on DAB can be accessed along with all other analogue local radio stations and main digital European Radio stations on DAB radio sets accessible on the local market as well as through the internet or the digital television platform.
From Times of Malta:

Malta (Temporarily) Shuts Off Analog Radio
26.08.2011 - Malta - Malta
Fourty-seven services, including several DAB-only channels, operate on the network. According to the April-June 2011 quarterly audience survey conducted by l'Awtorità tax-Xandir, 7.9% of Maltese radio listeners have a digital radio system and tune to ...
From Radio World:

DAB+ radio ownership in Malta up to 12.2%
17.05.2010 - Malta - Malta
Digi B Network...announced that the platform has registered another increase in listenership

Digi B Network launches in in-car receiver Bluestate RA557
24.03.2010 - Malta - Malta
New DAB+ in-car receiver released in Malta

Significant increase in listenership of digital radio in Malta
09.02.2010 - Malta - Malta
Digi B Network, the digital radio operator broadcasting in DAB , has registered a marked increase in listenership, Digi B Network Managing Director Sergio ...
From Malta Independent Online:

40 channels to be added to digital radio network next year
23.11.2009 - Malta - Malta
"DAB is an opportunity for radio. No radio station has ever closed down in Malta. Stations have always changed hands. There is demand for innovation. ...
From Times of Malta:

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Key Information

Status: regular
Population: 452.5 thousand
Population coverage: Sparkline Graph 100%
Services: 53 DAB+
Receiver sales (cumulative): 106,375 devices
Penetration by population: Sparkline Graph 25%
Last update: 04.04.2018

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