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In September 2023, it was reported that the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) is planning a transition of existing analogue radio stations to the digital audio broadcasting (DAB) system under its planned licensing regime. The plan is meant to improve the industry's service standards and help all stakeholders handle digital disruption, according to the telecom regulator. The shift also includes the 3,900 community radio stations that were permitted by the NBTC to operate on a trial basis. The NBTC aims to finish the DAB licensing method and principles by the middle of next year, and is planning to start the shift to the DAB system in early 2025. The NBTC panel drafting the DAB licensing regime has already concluded all the licensing details.


The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand (NBTC) in conjunction with the Royal Thai Army Radio and Television have been running a high power DAB+ trial in the Thai capital of Bangkok since 2018.

A second project has been established to test DAB+ in four major regional areas, Chon Buri south of Bangkok, Chiang Mai in the north, Khon Kaen in the northeast, and Song Khla in the south of Thailand. The regional trials are an extension of the Bangkok trial and focus on determining the suitable technical standard and parameters for the regional areas. 

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DAB+ coverage in Bangkok metropolitan area and its vicinity is approximately 16.7% of the population of Thailand, with mobile DAB+ coverage of approximately 11 million people. 

The coverage of the regional transmissions is currently being assessed through the ongoing regional trials and is expected to be able provide services to approximately 4 million people

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In this country there are

on air.

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DAB+ programmes 13 1 14

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NBTC has continuing cooperation with automotive manufacturers in Thailand such as organising focus group meeting on Digital Radio Strategies development plan.

In Thailand, 35% of radio listening takes place in the car.

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NBTC has consulted with radio receiver manufacturers for sourcing digital radio receivers.

During the regional trial TV5, the system provider, worked with a number of receiver manufacturers to develop a domestic receiver which includes a colour screen, is Thai language text capable and also has controls for Announcements such as traffic and news and includes the Emergency Warning function.

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In the beginning phase in 2019, the frequency plan for the DAB+ digital radio trial was planned to cover 10 major cities within eight provinces – Bangkok, Chiangmai, Kon Kaen, Nakorn Ratchasima, Sriracha, Pattaya, Prachaup Khiri Khan, Nakorn Si Thammarat, Songkla and Phuket. In 2021, the trial refocused on six major cities: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Song Khla / Hat Yai and Chon Buri area (Sri Racha and Pattaya).

The objectives of the trial are to discover appropriate network parameters in different environments, to demonstrate interference-free audio and business models, and to introduce new data services on DAB+ including slideshows, data communication, emergency warning system (EWS), electronic programme guide (EPG), and pop-up services.

The initial trial started in April 2019 carried out in Bangkok and the immediate vicinity. The second trial was signed up in January 2021 for further development and in response to the emerging issues.

Today, the trial network consists of one DAB+ multiplex with capacity for up to 18 audio services (see Services on air) including the top ten most popular commercial channels in Bangkok plus six regional services and two data services.

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In alignment with digitalization and digitization frameworks such as the Digital Economy and Society Development Plans  (No. 1 (2016 - 2018) and No.2 (2018 - 2037)), digital transformation has been adopted in the First Thailand Broadcasting Master Plan B.E. 2555 – 2559 (2012-2016) and following the Second Broadcasting Master Plan B.E. 2563 – 2568 (2020 - 2025) as guidelines to enhance the standards of the broadcasting service and to increase access/options for people to continually receive services and necessary basic information throughout the nation.

The use of VHF radiofrequency for digital radio was as well collaboratively prescribed under the Spectrum Management Master Plan B.E. 2564 (2021) and its amendments. Thus, the roll-out of terrestrial digital radio has been continuously proceeding as one of the ultimate achievements since 2012. Today, the trial operation has been set as one of the key indicators of Strategy No.1 - the Development of Audio Broadcasting Service in Thailand - under the Second Broadcasting Master Plan.

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The McLaren 650S with DAB+
24.02.2014 - Thailand Thailand
The McLaren 650S now comes with DAB+.

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PRD's Director General heralds anniversary of radio broadcasting in Thailand
24.02.2014 - Thailand Thailand
The Director General of the Public Relations Department hailed the transition to digital radio saying that it is well underway and the ongoing study of professional practice would include the development of skilled personnel.

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Thai digital radio plans move a step closer
19.02.2014 - Thailand Thailand
Eight state agencies have signed up with Thailand’s media regulator to trial digital radio, reports The Nation.

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First step towards radio digitalisation
18.02.2014 - Thailand Thailand
The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission yesterday joined with eight state agencies to test run digital radio broadcasting. The analog TV switch-off may take more than three years to complete, but the debut of digital radio is expected by next year under the Broadcasting Master Plan (2012-16).

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Thailand to auction 4000 digital radio licences
20.01.2014 - Thailand Thailand
Thailand’s media regulator plans to auction 4,000 digital radio licences early in 2015. The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) says it will licence 20 national frequencies, the rest will be local and regional licences.

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NBTC may auction 4000 licences for digital radio
13.01.2014 - Thailand Thailand
Fresh from the successful licence auction for commercial digital TV channels last month, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission is looking to auction about 4,000 similar licences for digital radio early next year.

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Thailand's NBTC Says 2014 Will Be Year of Digital Radio
20.12.2013 - Thailand Thailand
Thailand’s National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission says it plans to prioritize digital radio in 2014.

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Thailand: Digital radio trials set for 2014
19.12.2013 - Thailand Thailand
Thailand’s media regulator says it will start trials of digital radio in 2014.

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NBTC digital radio trials will commence in 2014
16.12.2013 - Thailand Thailand
Col Natee Sukonrat, chairman of the NBTC's broadcasting committee, said trials for digital radio will start early next year with collaboration from government agencies that own radio frequencies.

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Digital radio the next priority for Thailand’s media regulator
21.10.2013 - Thailand Thailand
Digital radio is on next year's agenda, now that the digital TV license process is underway, says Thailand’s media regulator.

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