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MediaCorp launched the DAB service in Singapore in November 1999 and was the first broadcaster in Asia to offer DAB digital radio service . On 1 November 2011, MediaCorp announced its DAB service would cease with effect from 1 December 2011 . Listeners will continue to receive MediaCorp radio through online streaming as well as mobile phone apps alongside the FM services in Singapore .Rediffusion Singapore launched its DAB service in July 2006 .It was the first country in the world to introduce subscriptionbased DAB+ digital radio service for the mass market . In April 2012, Rediffusion Singapore announced its service was under receivership and went off-air from 1 May 2012 . It’s branding and assets were brought over by Eduplus Holdings in June 2012 . The new Rediffusion will re-launch in early 2013 with fresh content and a new identity . Rediffussion plans to create a digital platform called Rediffusion Classic . The platform will allow the public to listen to digitized recordings of archived Rediffusion programs possibly through online streaming sometime in February 2013.


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Singapore has enjoyed DAB transmissions since 1999 and was the first country in the world to reach 100% coverage.

MediaCorp Radio, the national public broadcaster, is a keen supporter of digital radio. The commercial operator, Rediffusion, launched commercial DAB+ services on a subscription basis in 2008. It delivers a mix of 15 audio services on a subscription basis, including stations from around the world, and commercial-free services.

MediaCorp Radio launched DAB services in 1999.  Since then, the company has lauched a second national multiplex (2002).  The two muxes deliver a total of 14 audio services and four data channels.  Data on offer includes EPG, BWS and TPEG traffic services.

Singapore is a very car-orientated country with around 800,000 vehicles (approximately one for every five people).  In-car applications using DAB or DAB+ are seen as key to further developing the market.

MediaCorp and Redifussion continue to support the standard and are investigating an upgrade path to DAB+ which will retain their access to VHF Band III spectrum.