Poland - Current situation - History


There are currently two trials running in Poland delivering a mix of DAB+ and DMB services.

In May 2009, public broadcaster Radio Wroclaw and infrastructure provider Emitel launched a DAB+ and DMB trial multiplex in the Wroclaw area.  This is the biggest city in south west Poland with a population of around 640,000.  Eight audio channels broadcasting both public and commercial stations in DAB+ and one mobile TV channel in DMB are available in this region.

In the capital, Warsaw, Emitel operates a multiplex broadcasting 12 audio services using DAB+ and one mobile TV service using DMB.  It reaches 2.5 million people and airs a combination of public and commercial stations.   This trial multiplex launched in November 2009. 


In Warsaw five programmes of Polskie Radio have been available on DAB on a permanent basis since September 2003.