Nation sells Channel Islands DAB multiplex to Tindle CI Broadcasting
01.03.2023 - Jersey Jersey - Guernsey Guernsey - United Kingdom United Kingdom
The DAB multiplex covering the Channel Islands has been acquired by Tindle CI Broadcasting from Nation Broadcasting. Tindle CI Broadcasting Pan-island Managing Director James Keen said: “In less than a year, DAB’s reach in the Channel Islands has grown by more than a third with one in three people now using the platform every week. “Nation Broadcasting has delivered a large and diverse selection of radio stations to people in Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney and we look forward to building on their early success in years to come.”

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DAB+ comes to Channel Islands
20.12.2021 - Jersey Jersey - Guernsey Guernsey
The Channel Islands has welcomed 22 radio stations, including many new services, broadcasting on a new DAB+ digital radio multiplex. Two transmitters on Jersey and Guernsey, around 14 miles (22 kilometers) west of the French coast, have been switched on, with a third on the tiny island of Alderney due on-air later this year. They bring more choice to a potential 130,000 listeners, from community radio services and among others, Nation Radio, Global, Wireless and the BBC.

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Factum Radioscape supports first DAB+ launch in the Channel Islands
06.09.2021 - Jersey Jersey - Guernsey Guernsey
Factum Radioscape completed installation of the ENMUXA DAB system in two days at Les Platons. The professional software provides straightforward and secure management for the multiplex, and the OBSERVA Monitoring allows the operator to supervise the transmitted signal on air. Factum Radioscape’s Sales Manager James Waterson, “With careful technical planning and co-operation with all parties involved in the launch, we have successfully delivered our DAB+ system to a new listenership who are delighted with the service.”

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Campaign launched for digital radio in the Channel Islands
05.08.2021 - Guernsey Guernsey - Jersey Jersey
Digital Radio UK has launched an on-air campaign to support the launch of local DAB digital radio in the Channel Islands offering listeners guidance on DAB+ devices and retuning. The 40 second radio spot lets listeners know that they will need a DAB+ set to listen to all the stations now available via the new multiplex and prompts them to retune their digital radio set to listen to the new digital services for the first time.

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BBC in Jersey and Guernsey launches new digital radio services
03.08.2021 - Jersey Jersey - Guernsey Guernsey
Listeners of BBC Radio Jersey and BBC Radio Guernsey will be able to do so digitally, following the launch of a new network.

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More choice for listeners as local digital radio launches in the Channel Islands
01.08.2021 - Jersey Jersey - Guernsey Guernsey
Ford Ennals, CEO, Digital Radio UK, said: “The launch of the Channel Islands digital radio network is great news for listeners as it brings over 20 further stations to the Channel Islands on DAB+ for the first time. Radio station brands such as Virgin Radio, Heart, Smooth, Capital and Nation are among the very best broadcasting in the UK, while local stations BBC Radio Jersey, BBC Radio Guernsey, Channel 103 and Island FM have their finger on the pulse of life on the Islands today. This is a great time for Islanders to buy a new digital radio or smart speaker to make sure they don’t miss a thing from the great new line up of stations now on air on digital radio in the Channel Islands.”

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First DAB+ only local multiplex launches in the Channel Islands
01.08.2021 - Jersey Jersey - Guernsey Guernsey
The Channel Islands has DAB digital radio from today following the launch of the new commercial multiplex from Nation Broadcasting. Over 20 radio stations are available, all broadcasting in DAB+, making it the first multiplex to launch without standard DAB services.

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National BBC stations launched on DAB in Guernsey
09.12.2015 - Guernsey Guernsey
National digital radio services provided by the BBC have been made available in Guernsey. The Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) service has been tested for a week and was declared live.

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