Distribution platforms

Research and analysis by a number of organisations outlines the case for broadcast radio, and why radio transmitted via radio cellular networks (LTE) is not a solution:


DAB+ or mobile

DAB+ remains the best option for delivery of broadcast radio - particularly on cost and reliability.

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DAB+ or mobile - the facts

The facts on DAB+ and mobile broadband, covering each aspect of the distribution, business case and impact on the listener.

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DAB+, FM or IP?

UK network operator Arqiva compares DAB, FM and IP transmissions, suggesting that DAB+ provides the most affordable means of distribution for radio. (Arqiva, 2019)

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Does 5G make sense for radio?

An assessment on whether 5G is a suitable platform for radio broadcasting. (Deutschlandradio, 2019)

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Is mobile telecoms feasible for broadcast radio

An analysis on Australia on whether mobile broadband communications networks, particularly in regional areas, could be considered as a replacement for broadcast radio. (Coutts Communications, November 2014)

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Broadcast or broadband?

Cost analysis of radio transmission via DAB+ and IP, Bavaria, Germany (BLM - 2014)

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Modern transmitters

An overview of modern DAB+ transmitter types and uses, the latest technologies and efficiency, and redundancy options.

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