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Factum Electronics Supplies System for the DAB+ roll out in Malta
17.04.2008 - Factum Electronics AB - Malta Malta
Factum Electronics AB, the world leader in DAB+ technology, today announced that it will supply the head-end system for the first commercial DAB+ launch in Europe.

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All-In-One Measurement System for DVB-T, DVB-H, DAB, DAB+, DMB & DRM
17.04.2008 - Switzerland Switzerland
... DAB and DRM standards in single frequency networks (SFN). The modularity of the measurement schemes implemented in software-defined radio provide you ...

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Fraunhofer IIS Audio Decoder in Frontier Silicon’s Radio Module powers REVO DAB+ Radio
17.04.2008 - Fraunhofer IIS WorldDAB Member - Germany Germany
Venice 6 is the world’s first digital module capable of receiving Internet radio via Wi-Fi, DAB/DAB , FM and music streamed from a network server. ...

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DRDB appoints Tony Moretta new Chief Executive
15.04.2008 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Tony comes with a strong understanding of digital media having spent the past five years as General Manager of Broadcast at National Grid Wireless where he was responsible for...

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Frontier Silicon announces latest audio platform enabling home music systems for the digital age
14.04.2008 - Frontier Smart Technologies WorldDAB Member - Hong Kong Hong Kong
Frontier Silicon today announces the latest addition to its range of solutions for Wi-Fi Radio with iPod connectivity. The Jupiter 6.1 platform provides a low-cost, fully-qualified reference design for connected home audio systems, with a wealth of features including extended iPod compatibility and an enhanced graphical user interface.

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Update UK
14.04.2008 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
The latest audience results confirm DAB as by far the most popular digital radio platform in the UK.  On a like-for-like comparison, DAB achieved 12 times more radio listening than either Internet Radio or radio over Digital television.  During December consumers bought 25,000 DAB digital radios a day, and a major London department store sold more DAB radios per minute than iPods.   Ofcom, the government regulator, has also recently announced the award of the second DAB national radio multiplex to the 4 Digital Group Limited.  This multiplex license will allow the 4 Digital Group to broadcast radio and multimedia services. There are also plans to provide a selection of pod casts using DAB+.  Slideshow trials are currently on going in the London area. 

Summer of Sport Promotion for Highway - The Radio Driving In-Car Dab Market
14.04.2008 - Imagination Technologies - United Kingdom United Kingdom
The world’s first plug and play in-car DAB radio, the PURE Highway, is to benefit from on-air promotion worth £250,000 in the months leading up to 2008’s summer of sport as part of a co-marketing campaign with a...

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NeoMagic(R) Announces Production Release of MiMagic 8 Application Processor for Mobile TV Enabled Smart Phones and Other Handheld Products
14.04.2008 - United States United States
... making it very easy to support all the major mobile TV standards around the world including ISDB-T, T-DMB, DVB-H, etc.," said Douglas R. Young, ...

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12.04.2008 - Japan Japan
SH-Mobile3A is an application processor designed for use in high-end models of mobile phone, which incorporates the latest multimedia processing functions, including...

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Huashu Media Taps RadioScape for DAB/DAB+/T-DMB Services
11.04.2008 - Radioscape - United Kingdom United Kingdom
RadioScape CEO John Hall added: “2008 is proving to be a year of increasing activity in the international radio market as more countries roll-out DAB and ...

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