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New DAB+ multiplex for Germany's most populous state

07.05.2021 - Top story - Germany Germany

The launch of a DAB+ mux in North Rhine-Westfalia in Q4 2021 represents a milestone, bringing 16 new radio stations to NRW which has a population of almost 18m. The launch is particularly attractive to the advertising industry, bringing a mix of new and diverse radio programmes.

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DAB the most economical and energy-efficient radio platform

06.05.2021 - Top story

A new WorldDAB factsheet explains why DAB is the most economical and energy efficient radio platform. Findings from various studies show that the environmental and economic impacts of broadcasting on DAB are favourable when compared against other platforms. The studies focus on three topics - energy consumption, transmission costs and recycling initiatives.

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DAB+ helps shape the diversity of radio
12.05.2021 - Germany Germany
Germany's public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk explains how DAB+ digital radio promotes the diversity of services available to listeners and enables the launch of niche programs and stations.

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Opportunities for local and community broadcasters on DAB+
12.05.2021 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Small scale DAB is radically changing the radio landscape in the UK – it offers new opportunities for smaller commercial and community broadcasters to launch on DAB with reduced costs, and gives listeners access to more diverse and localised content.

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Germany - new station launches on national multiplex
12.05.2021 - Germany Germany
Femotion Radio - the radio station aimed at women - is now available to listeners on DAB+ digital radio across Germany.

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SWR and Xperi partner to advance the radio listening experience in connected cars
12.05.2021 - United States United States
The integration means that all broadcaster metadata, such as program information, station logos, album/artist imagery, etc., on the ARD platform for SWR stations will be accurately, consistently, and seamlessly represented in the DTS AutoStage ecosystem.

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WorldDAB publishes factsheet on DAB’s environmental impact
11.05.2021 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
WorldDAB has released a fact sheet to help its members understand the environmental impact of DAB+. The fact sheet presents the findings of multiple recent studies looking into the environmental and economic impact of broadcasting radio via DAB and other platforms.

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New mux to launch in Germany's North Rhine-Westphalia
11.05.2021 - Germany Germany
The multiplex, which will host 16 commercial stations and reach 87% of the state's population, will launch in Q4 2021.

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Reducing driver distraction on the digital dash
10.05.2021 - WorldDAB News
While touchscreens allow a wider range of information to be displayed to the driver, they can be tricky to use on the move. Voice lends itself perfectly to radio, enabling the implementation of new infotainment systems while reducing driver distraction.

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NRJ to launch on new statewide mux in western Germany
07.05.2021 - Germany Germany
Commenting on the upcoming launch, Olaf Hopp, CEO of ENERGY Germany said that "DAB+ is the radio transmission path of the future", and highlighted the 15.2% growth in DAB+ receiver sales from 2019 to 2020.

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Radio must fix its management of metadata in dashboards to survive
The big change that has thrust metadata to the forefront is the reality that the “car radio” as we once knew it is gone. There is no radio dial. There is now an increasingly large digital display and a built-in wireless connection. Fixing the management, delivery and rendering of metadata in dashboards is essential to the survival of broadcast radio.

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MBT webinar - what is the future of terrestrial broadcasting?
MBT, the leading international broadcast conference in Central and Southeast Europe, has announced the launch of a webinar addressing the future of terrestrial broadcasting. Split across two sessions, the free webinar will take place on 19 May, and focus on digital radio and how to run a successful DAB+ project - from the business perspective of the network operator and from the broadcaster’s perspective.

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