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kronehit to add four new DAB+ stations in 2024

22.11.2023 - Top story - Austria Austria

Austria's largest private radio station is starting the new year with ambitious plans. The programme offering of kronehit is to be expanded by four radio stations (via DAB+) for new listener groups in 2024. For this important next stage, the successful kronehit team is now bringing additional expertise and experience into the management team with long-time Ö3 boss Georg Spatt as programme director. A recent amendment to the Private Radio Act allows kronehit to operate up to six additional radio stations. Philipp König - also Managing Director of kronehit - is very optimistic. "For the first time in our 20-year history, we can significantly increase our product diversity and offer the listener market a broader range of programmes. Together with the additional and extraordinary industry expertise of Georg Spatt, we will be ready to master the challenges of the future."

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Frontier supporting DAB+ Emergency Warning System

21.11.2023 - Top story - Frontier Smart Technologies WorldDAB Member - United Kingdom United Kingdom

In times of emergencies, authorities need to deliver a clear message quickly and reliably. In Germany and other European countries, DAB+ has been identified as a robust and reliable way to send out messages to people with DAB+ receivers. As a member of a WorldDAB taskforce, Frontier is participating in developing a new EWS (Emergency Warning System) specification that will broadcast emergency warning messages over DAB+. The standard is expected to be finalised in 2024 – with compatible radios on the market by the end of the year.

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“DAB+ at the heart of listening” as WorldDAB elects new President

10.11.2023 - Top story - WorldDAB News

Jacqueline Bierhorst has been elected as President of WorldDAB, the global industry forum for DAB+ digital radio. Bierhorst was previously the Vice President and has represented Digital Radio Netherlands on the organisation’s Steering Board since 2015. She takes over from Patrick Hannon, who is stepping down after ten years in the role. The handover took place at the annual WorldDAB Summit, held this year in Munich, Germany. Speaking at the Summit, Bierhorst paid tribute to Hannon’s work as President. “His leadership, enthusiasm, and vision helped shape the course of WorldDAB for the past ten years. We have witnessed an exponential growth of DAB+ across the globe and how DAB+ is now included as standard in every new car in Europe and beyond. It has set the bar high!”

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New horizons for French radio
29.11.2023 - France France
DAB+, webradio, IP radio, apps... what will be future? Leaders of the French radio industry considered what a future without FM could look like during a round table discussion that included Charles-Emmanuel Bon, Secretary General of Radio France, Aurélie Brevan Masset, Director of Institutional relations, NRJ Group, Prune De La Farge, Deputy Director at Radio Classique, Tristan Jurgensen, CEO of RTL2-FUN RADIO and Jean-Eric Valli, co-founder of Les Indés Radios. (in French)

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Czech DAB+ transmitter serves Polish listeners
29.11.2023 - Czechia Czechia - Poland Poland
Czech listeners near the Polish border can tune in to the DAB+ multiplex of the local public radio station from another transmitter. According to information on the discussion forum of the network operator EmiTel, the Klodzko - Czarna Góra transmitter was put into operation in the past few days. This is important news for Czech listeners in the surrounding regions.

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Radio Wrocław on DAB+ in almost the entire region
29.11.2023 - National Broadcasting Council of Poland (KRRiT) WorldDAB Member
Two new transmitters were launched on the DAB+ digital broadcasting network. The first one operates at the Kłodzko/Czarna Góra broadcasting facility, the second at the Wałbrzych/Chełmiec facility. Currently 94% of the region's population is within reach of a DAB+ signal, and the area coverage is 86%.

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Towercom expanding DAB+ to other new locations in Slovakia
29.11.2023 - Slovakia Slovakia
Towercom has recently obtained several new licences for digital radio broadcasting (DAB+) transmitters. In addition, in one case the operator can increase the power of an existing transmitter. Specifically, it is the transmitter Žilina - Krížava, which can increase its power up to 7 kW ERP in the future.

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Radio Proglas: We want to be all over DAB+, we plan to reduce FM broadcasting
28.11.2023 - Czechia Czechia
The broadcasting of commercial DAB+ multiplexes with final frequency allocations has not yet started, but the first plans of broadcasters are already appearing. In addition to Rock Radio, which has confirmed its interest in joining the platform and could gain coverage in areas where no FM signal is available, Christian Radio Proglas has a clear strategy in place. It already broadcasts on the RTI cz and Teleko DAB networks. "At the end of 2023, the technical resources are finally being allocated by the CTU (Czech Telecommunications Office, ed.). The applicants are professional companies. We would like to conclude a contract with the winners, who will receive the means to cover the whole country," Martin Holík, the station's managing director and director, informs Radio Proglas listeners in the current newsletter. Proglas has previously announced through its media outlet that if DAB+ succeeds in a nationwide rollout, the station will limit its broadcasts to FM.

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Radio’s digital future: DAB+ saving lives
28.11.2023 - WorldDAB News
Following recent major natural disasters in Germany, such as those in the Ahr Valley and parts of Upper Bavaria in 2021, the country’s authorities recognize the value of emergency warnings and are turning increasingly to DAB+. The broadcast format, which provides more radio stations in digital quality, boasts technical parameters ideally suited for reaching those under threat. Its robust transmission and broad “high tower, high power” reach mean DAB+ can remain available in crisis situations, even if the cellular network infrastructure fails, such as due to flooding or the loss of DSL switches.

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DAB+ in Hannover Münden
28.11.2023 - Germany Germany
NDR radio programmes around Hannover Münden will have even better reception via DAB+ digital radio from 28 November. With the commissioning of two DAB+ transmitters in the south of Lower Saxony, radio listeners from Scheden to Staufenberg will be able to receive NDR radio programmes in even better quality. Here, the modern digital radio on block 6C (185.360 MHz) can be received almost everywhere in the house. At the same time, coverage on the A7 motorway will be extended from Hedemünden to the Kassel-Süd junction.

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Polish Radio's DAB+ multiplex expanded coverage
28.11.2023 - Poland Poland
In recent days, the broadcasting of the Polish Radio DAB+ multiplex in Kłodzko, Ostrołęka, Lębork and Człuchów has started. In the coming weeks, digital transmitters will start operating in Brzeg, Słupsk, Choczew and Strzeżów, among others. 88 per cent of Poles will be in DAB+ coverage within a year. Next year, coverage is to be extended to Elbląg, Giżycko, Konin, Łomża, Ryki, Zamość, Debica, Nowy Tomyśl, Tarnobrzeg, Piła, Kamieńsk, Rybnik, Jarocin, Debica, Ogrodzieniec and the surrounding area. The multiplex is also expected to appear in the Bieszczady region, Central Pomerania, the western part of the Łódzkie region and the eastern part of the Wielkopolskie region.

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Saxony is a nationwide pioneer in DAB+
26.11.2023 - Germany Germany
The German electronics manufacturer Technisat is counting on further growth through digital reception via DAB+. Since the introduction of DAB+ around 16 million devices have been sold in Germany, said managing director Stefan Kön from their German Press Agency. And in the future, these radios could also play an important role in alerting the population in the event of a disaster. From Kön's point of view, a binding date is finally needed for switching off analogue FM. He expects this to give additional impetus to the spread of digital reception.

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Radical change - four new programme for kronehit on DAB+
25.11.2023 - Austria Austria
Austria's largest private radio station kronehit is to be expanded to include four radio stations for new listener groups via DAB+ in 2024. Together with the main programme, which is broadcast via FM, "Krone" would therefore broadcast five radio stations terrestrially. What's remarkable is that until now, kronehit had categorically rejected entry into DAB+, previously saying the future of radio was internet and 5G Broadcast.

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