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KRRiT is working on ending the FM broadcast. Lichocka: digital broadcasting offers a lot of possibilities
29.08.2022 - Poland Poland
The National Broadcasting Council announced its intention to switch off the FM band in favour of DAB+. It was indicated that it would take place between 2026 and 2030. Joanna Lichocka, a member of the National Media Council and a PiS MP, who was hosted on Channel 3 of Polish Radio, commented on this announcement. "I believe that this is a good idea and the expectations of the National Broadcasting Council to finally undertake the digitisation of the Polish radio market are absolutely justified," she assessed. "This has been happening for years, for a long time in Western Europe, and there is no reason why we should stop the development of the radio market only on analogue broadcasting via FM, possibly on the Internet," she added. "Cheaper and ecological" As Lichocka pointed out, "DAB is the future" as a digital, cheaper and ecological form of broadcasting. " Giving a lot more space to the various radio stations in this digital network, " she pointed out.

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SRG offers public workshops on DAB+
29.08.2022 - SRG SSR WorldDAB Member - Switzerland Switzerland
The switch to the digital radio standard DAB+ raises technical questions. SRG will be offering workshops on this in the coming year and will answer individual questions from participants. The workshops often deal with the following topics: How do I switch from FM to DAB+? How do I switch my FM stereo to DAB+? How can I convert my car radio to DAB+? Adriano Pitteri and Dominique Gall from SRG lead the workshops and answer questions.

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Three quarters of Swiss radio listening is via a digital platform
26.08.2022 - OFCOM Switzerland WorldDAB Member - Switzerland Switzerland
In spring 2022, radio listeners used digital platforms for an average of 75 out of 100 minutes of radio every day. This was announced by the Digital Migration working group (WG DigiMig) at SwissRadioDay on 25 August 2022. DAB+ at 41% has clearly become the most popular digital radio technology. Radio listening in cars accounts for 12% of overall use. The highest proportion of radio use in cars is also via DAB+ (51%). Around 250,000 DAB+ radios were sold in Switzerland in the first half of 2022. An additional 125,000 DAB+ devices were fitted in vehicles. This pushes the total number of DAB+ radios in Switzerland up to around 6.25 million. In addition, a DAB+ radio was fitted as standard in 99.9% of all new cars.

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Radio J now on DAB+ in Île-de-France
26.08.2022 - France France
"Since Monday morning, your radio station, Radio J, has been available on DAB+ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A new high-quality standard now complements FM and Internet broadcasts. Since August 22, Radio-J has been broadcasting its programmes in Île-de-France on DAB+, 24/24 and 7/7, the new digital terrestrial radio broadcasting standard whose deployment in France and around the world is experiencing a strong acceleration. DAB+ technology allows better coverage without interference or crackling, and increased digital sound quality." Radio J is a Jewish community radio station in Paris.

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smoothfm to go national with local content expansion through DAB+
26.08.2022 - Australia Australia
10 years after launching smoothfm Sydney and Melbourne, Nova Entertainment has announced that it is taking the brand national with live and local content in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth – supported by a multi-million dollar marketing campaign. The new stations and advertising campaign will start on 5 September 2022. Mediaweek spoke with Nova Entertainment’s chief growth officer, Adam Johnson, about why now was the right time to expand the smoothfm brand. “There is this feeling that unless you’ve got an AM or FM licence you can’t exist in people’s lives. That has been debunked,” said Johnson. “When you look at the growth of listening via DAB+ and digital, the product has clearly got appeal."

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KRRiT announces consultation on setting a date for analogue switch-off
26.08.2022 - National Broadcasting Council of Poland (KRRiT) WorldDAB Member - Poland Poland
KRRiT announces a consultation on the draft position of the National Broadcasting Council on ceasing broadcasting radio stations in analogue technology in the FM band and setting a date for switching off analogue broadcasting of radio stations. "The National Broadcasting Council believes that the exclusion of analogue FM broadcasting should take place no earlier than December 31, 2026 and no later than December 31, 2030."

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DAB+ regional and local muxes in Saxony will start in spring 2023
26.08.2022 - Germany Germany
Divicon Media Holding GmbH, nationwide service provider and operator of numerous radio networks in the private and public sector, will be the platform operator of all DAB+ regional and local muxes in Saxony. The choice of platform operator was made for the first time on the basis of the amended Telecommunications Act (TKG) by the organisers themselves; a call for tenders is no longer required under the new version with unanimity. This clears the way for a comprehensive DAB+ station offering from many established radio brands around the Saxony locations of Chemnitz, Dresden, Freiberg and Leipzig.

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DAB grows to more than half Swiss in-car listening; "the course is set for DAB+"
25.08.2022 - OFCOM Switzerland WorldDAB Member - Switzerland Switzerland
For the first time, more than half of the radio listening in cars in Switzerland is digital. 12% of total radio use is in the car – and DAB+ now takes 51% of this, up from 48% last year. The new data was announced at SwissRadioDay, which took place in Zurich's Kaufleuten. Speaking at the event, the Director of OFCOM Switzerland, Bernard Maissen, said the FM shutdown at the end of 2024 was binding, and that an extension of the licences would be legally impossible. He argued that that audiences are digital, and quickly find alternatives to FM – seeking relevant, innovative, courageous and creative content. “Foreign FM competition is overestimated; the course is set for DAB+,” he said.

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SwissRadioDay: VHF frequencies are turned down
25.08.2022 - Switzerland Switzerland
Switching off VHF seems to have been occupying the radio industry for what feels like an eternity. After some back and forth, it will definitely be over at the end of 2024. From now on, radio stations can only be received digitally – via DAB+ or streaming. A further extension is out of the question, said Bernard Maissen, Director of the Federal Office of Communications (Ofcom), on Thursday morning in the Zurich Kaufleuten, which was filled to capacity, on the 23rd SwissRadioDay.

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Virgin Radio is "Swiss rock station"
25.08.2022 - Switzerland Switzerland
The Virgin Radio Switzerland image campaign started this week, with the aim of further consolidating the DAB+ station as "Switzerland's rock station". The CH Media radio station received prominent support from Imagine Dragons for the national campaign. The successful US rock band is used as a testimonial for the large-scale campaign. In addition, the Virgin Radio Switzerland cult game "Virgin Radio Stripped Back" is celebrating its comeback this week.

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