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New opportunities with launch of second national mux, says National German Radio
28.07.2020 - Top story - Germany Germany
Highlighting the continuous growth of DAB+ radio in Germany, National German Radio's Managing Director Erwin Linnenbach says there will be even more opportunities for broadcasters after the pandemic, while listeners across the country will benefit from an increasingly diverse offering.

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WorldDAB member focus - NXP
28.07.2020 - WorldDAB News - NXP Semiconductors WorldDAB Member - Netherlands Netherlands
NXP offer a complete product portfolio for car infotainment systems. The company has developed a special reception improvement algorithm for DAB using two antennas, which makes it possible to increase the DAB reception radius compared to standard MRC (maximum ratio combining) algorithms, and significantly reduce frequent blends and audio mutes.

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DAB+ is the future says National German Radio CEO
28.07.2020 - Germany Germany
According to the National German Radio's managing director Erwin Linnenbach, broadcasters that choose to focus on FM services will not be in a position to compete with their DAB+ counterparts in a few years, while the opportunities related to the launch of Germany's second national commercial multiplex will also increase following the pandemic.

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France's leading radio groups announce joint venture for digital radio broadcasts
28.07.2020 - Radio France WorldDAB Member - France France
Public and private radio groups Radio France, Lagardère News, Les Indés Radios and Groupe M6 have announced the creation of a joint initiative offering a free digital interface for the distribution of digital radio and audio content.

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Leeds DAB Radio set up to apply for new multiplex
27.07.2020 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Leeds DAB Radio - created by Dee Radio Group, community radio station Fever FM and small-scale Trial operator Niocast Digital - has made public its plans to to join the Leeds Small Scale DAB multiplex. According to the CEO of Fever FM, small-scale DAB will allow them to further develop the brand in ways which weren’t possible on a single channel.

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RadioDNS aims to establish metadata consistency
27.07.2020 - RadioDNS WorldDAB Member - United Kingdom United Kingdom
RadioDNS is working to accelerate the growth of hybrid radio by establishing standards that reduce the costs and complexity of implementation on various fronts, including metadata. RadioDNS' Radio Device Metadata Terms, expected to be available this autumn, will help provide consistency in the dashboard.

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Radioplayer teams up with Polestar on Android Automotive
24.07.2020 - Radioplayer WorldDAB Member - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Radioplayer is a launch partner for the new Polestar 2, Volvo’s innovative electric car brand, which features the first infotainment system powered by the Android Automotive operating system. The development of Android Automotive-compatible versions of their mobile apps is the first step for Radioplayer in ensuring hybrid capability (merging broadcast radio (FM, DAB) with online streams, logos, podcasts, and rich visuals) for all apps in Android Automotive. Both Radioplayer and Volvo are active members of the WorldDAB Automotive Working Group.

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DAB launch helps BBC reach all time record global audience
23.07.2020 - British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) WorldDAB Member - United Kingdom United Kingdom
The BBC’s global reach increased by 11 per cent year on year in 2020 to 468.2 million people a week – the highest number ever. Italy, where BBC World Service launched in June 2020, contributed 1.4 million new listeners on DAB radio.

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The Netherlands launches consultation for new national commercial multiplex
23.07.2020 - Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy WorldDAB Member - Netherlands Netherlands
A new consultation has been launched in The Netherlands regarding the launch of a second national commercial multiplex. With this auction, all radio stations in The Netherlands (national, regional and local) will be broadcast on DAB+.

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South Africa - preparation for licensing digital radio now underway
23.07.2020 - South Africa South Africa
The Minister for Communications this week published a policy directive asking the media regulator ICASA to prioritise licensing for the commercial rollout of terrestrial digital radio. This represents a huge opportunity not just for South Africa’s broadcasters and their listeners, but also for auto manufacturers, DAB+ domestic receiver and chip manufacturers.

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