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New opportunities with launch of second national mux, says National German Radio

28.07.2020 - Top story - Germany Germany

Highlighting the continuous growth of DAB+ radio in Germany, National German Radio's Managing Director Erwin Linnenbach says there will be even more opportunities for broadcasters after the pandemic, while listeners across the country will benefit from an increasingly diverse offering.

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Xperi completes merger with TiVo
06.08.2020 - United States United States
WorldDAB member Xperi has recently completed its merger with TiVo, to create the world’s deepest licensed media metadata along with its personalisation platform for improving infotainment in the car. Find out more about the merger, and the company's latest news in Xperi's newsletter.

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Three new members join WorldDAB
05.08.2020 - WorldDAB News
Three new organisations have joined WorldDAB since May 2020. They are Malta's network operator Digi B Network Ltd., Chinese receiver manufacturer Hidaka Corporation and Azerbaijan's network operator Radio-Television Broadcasting and Satellite Communications Production Unity (Teleradio PU). WorldDAB now has a total of 106 members from 32 countries.

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Deutschlandradio switches off more analogue broadcasts
05.08.2020 - Germany Germany
Germany's public broadcaster and DAB+ pioneer Deutschlandradio has switched off analogue broadcasts in a number of locations in Bavaria and the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Listeners in these regions will now be able to listen to Deutschlandradio's stations on DAB+.

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Digi B Network joins WorldDAB
04.08.2020 - Malta Malta
Digi B Network, Malta's network operator, is now a member of WorldDAB. Digi B Network launched the first DAB+ platform in Europe and brought to market the first DAB+ aftermarket car stereo. Nearly all broadcasters on the island are broadcasting on DAB+ via the Digi B network.

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What receiver should you buy?
04.08.2020 - Belgium Belgium
Belgium's French-speaking digital radio office outlines the different types of receivers available to listeners today, comparing digital, analogue and IP receivers and helping consumers make the right choice for their radio, at home or in the car.

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French media regulator publishes frequency allocations for central and southern France
03.08.2020 - France France
The CSA has published the list of broadcasters that will be allocated DAB+ frequencies in Clermont Ferrand and Limoges (central France), as well as Montpellier, Nîmes and Perpignan (southern France). The selected stations will be able to broadcast on DAB+ starting from Q1 2022.

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Growing adoption of DAB+ throughout Europe
30.07.2020 - Italy Italy
The number of DAB+ services across the continent continues to grow steadily as more countries shift to DAB+ digital radio. This article presents an overview of the state of DAB+ across Europe.

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New applications submitted for DAB+ frequencies in Berlin and Brandenburg
29.07.2020 - Germany Germany
Six broadcasters have applied for DAB+ frequencies in Berlin and Brandenburg - these are Radio Paradiso, Fußball FanRadio Berlin, Nice mix, Pure FM and Energy and Freies BürgerRadio Slubfurt.

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Radio Metro signs frame agreement with Paneda for DAB systems
29.07.2020 - Paneda WorldDAB Member - Sweden Sweden - Norway Norway
The agreement covers up to six complete DAB systems with encoders and multiplexers. Three of the systems are already in operation, and the others will follow by the end of the year.

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Bauer Media launches dedicated LGBTQ+ pop-up radio station across the UK
29.07.2020 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Bauer Media is launching Hits Radio Pride – a new dedicated LGBTQ+ pop-up radio station for six months on 28 August. The station will be available across various locations in the UK, including England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

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