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ZUN digital radio uses RadioDNS technology
27.02.2023 - RadioDNS WorldDAB Member - Czech Republic Czech Republic
The private music station ZUN has added the RadioDNS service to its signal on the DAB+ digital radio network. Players that support the technology can switch from DAB+ to an internet stream if required. The RadioDNS hybrid radio technology enriches the player with web links, traffic information, camera footage or even sports scores. Information about programmes, station names, logos and format descriptions are also displayed. Additional data is transmitted via LTE or 5G mobile network. In Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche or BMW cars, the car radio switches to the internet stream as soon as the car leaves the DAB+ coverage area.

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Second DAB+ federal mux: More power at Wendelstein
27.02.2023 - Germany Germany
Wendelstein is to enable reception of the second nationwide DAB+ multiplex in large parts of Upper and Lower Bavaria for the first time this year. According to a list from the Federal Network Agency, the site is to receive more power for this purpose. Previously planned with a power of only 2 kW, as with Bundesmux 1, an increase to 5 kW is now being coordinated.

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Austria: "Tender for second, national DAB+ multiplex in 2023"
27.02.2023 - Austria Austria
Austria is to have a second national DAB+ digital radio multiplex. The media authority KommAustria is working on a tender before the end of this year, as Roman Gerner, new chairman of the Digital Radio Austria Association and managing director of radio klassik Stephansdom, announced in an interview in "magazin KLASSIK". "An expansion of the digital transmitter network in both the private and the public radio sector corresponds to the signs of the times," says Gerner. "You can also see that when you look across the borders, where DAB+ is already THE transmission path for all radio programmes in almost all European countries. That is the way of the future. Anything else would be anachronistic".

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Radio Minerva now on DAB+ "the future of radio"
24.02.2023 - Belgium Belgium
The popular radio station for senior citizens, with a studio on Linkeroever, could be heard on 98 FM and via streaming on their website. From Saturday, DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting, a digital alternative to analogue radio signals) will be added. After all, why did Radio Minerva invest - it had to buy a lot of new equipment - in DAB+? "We really had no other choice. The FM band is out of date and will eventually disappear. No, together with streaming, DAB+ is the future of radio."

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BR launches DAB+ at Hersbruck/Pommelsbrunn transmitter site
24.02.2023 - Germany Germany
The Bayerische Rundfunk now also broadcasts its radio stations in DAB+ from the Hersbruck/Pommelsbrunn site. The new DAB+ transmitter will provide the town of Hersbruck in Central Franconia and the surrounding area with the BR's digital service. In addition to better sound quality, DAB+ offers a significantly greater variety of stations than FM. Among other things, the folk and brass music wave BR Heimat is available via DAB+ in excellent audio quality. The other digital radio stations such as BR Schlager or PULS, BR's young programme, the event channel BR24live, BR Verkehr and the well-known radio waves Bayern 1, Bayern 2, Bayern 3, BR-Klassik, BR24 as well as many regional stations can also be received in excellent digital quality via DAB+.

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Local radio stations receive twice as much operating funding for digitisation
24.02.2023 - Norway Norway
The Norwegian Media Authority allocates NOK 8.2 million in operating support for digitisation of local radio this year, almost doubling the support from 2022. The Norwegian Media Authority is keen to support the transition to DAB in local radio stations. The finances of local radio stations are vulnerable, and we believe it is necessary and right to increase operating support for digitalisation this year, both for each individual radio station and for the companies that operate DAB systems," says Hanne Nistad Sekkelsten, Director of the Legal and Regulatory Department at the Norwegian Media Authority.

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WorldDAB pavilion and workshop at ABU DBS, Malaysia
24.02.2023 - WorldDAB News - GatesAir WorldDAB Member - Paneda WorldDAB Member - Malaysia Malaysia
WorldDAB – the global industry forum for DAB digital radio – is bringing together experts from around the world for a workshop at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union’s Digital Broadcasting Symposium (ABU DBS) in Malaysia. WorldDAB is exhibiting throughout the event on stands 17 and 18, with members GatesAir and Paneda joining the pavilion.

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DAB+: Radio Orient available in Nîmes and Perpignan
23.02.2023 - France France
From Thursday 23 February, Radio Orient programmes are now available in Nîmes and also in Perpignan on DAB+. These new launches bring the number of areas operated by Radio Orient to 39 on DAB+ and 11 on FM. This makes Radio Orient one of the largest networks currently broadcasting via digital radio. Other important new sectors will be launched during 2023.

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Radio FG on DAB+ in several southern cities
23.02.2023 - France France
Radio FG has started broadcasting its programme on DAB+ in Montpellier, Nîmes, Perpignan, Narbonne and Béziers, and will cover a large part of Languedoc-Roussillon. Maison FG publishes a radio bouquet of four stations on DAB+: FG DJ Radio, already present in 41 cities, FG CHIC, haute couture music in Paris and Monaco, Maxximum, the Paris Electronic Radio in Paris and DanceOne for a young audience with EDM programming in Paris, Marseille and Nice.

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East Cantons: first BRF-mux transmitter on air
23.02.2023 - Belgium Belgium
In the Belgian East Cantons, BRF's first DAB+ transmitter went on air via Block 8A on Wednesday during the afternoon. These are still preliminary test transmissions via Raeren-Petergensfeld with a power of 2 kW. The mux currently contains only the services BRF 1 and BRF 2. RadioVisie announced the arrival of this own mux for German-speaking Belgium back in October last year. Originally, they hoped to get something on the digital airwaves as early as the end of November, but due to the early winter and the lack of appropriate landlines at remote broadcast locations, the rollout had to be temporarily postponed.

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