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SRG: DAB+ network now with almost complete coverage
10.12.2021 - SRG SSR WorldDAB Member - Switzerland Switzerland
After the expansion in German-speaking Switzerland in 2020 and 2021, SRG expanded its DAB+ digital radio network in Italian and French-speaking Switzerland. In total, it has put ten new DAB+ transmitter sites into operation and optimised twelve. In the Jura region in particular, SRG ensured better DAB+ reception. The DAB+ network in Italian-speaking Switzerland has been fully expanded since the DAB+ transmitter Cardada went into operation in early 2021.

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First small-scale DAB network launches in UK
10.12.2021 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
The first permanent small-scale DAB network has launched today, marking a milestone in the UK’s radio landscape and the start of a small-scale revolution for local radio which is set to bring a huge expansion of local radio listening choice to listeners across the nation. The new network brings fourteen additional local commercial, community and specialist music radio services to listeners.

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Continued expansion of DAB+ in Czech Republic
08.12.2021 - Czech Republic Czech Republic
In the course of next year, the West Bohemian company RTI cz would like to put into operation a new DAB+ transmitter in western Bohemia, specifically from the Čerchov elevation, and would thus cover the problematic area of ​​the Domažlice region, according to Roman Kropáček, the company's operations director, in an interview with Televizníweb.

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NDR announces DAB+ expansion plans for 2022
08.12.2021 - Germany Germany
The North German Broadcasting Corporation (NDR) has announced the expansion plans for 2022 for its own DAB+ transmitter network. The expansion for 2021 will be completed with the activation of transmitters in the Malchin region in December. The full schedule of launches in 2022 has been published on the NDR website, further regions are being planned for expansion from 2023.

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Further DAB+ text multiplex launches in Poland
08.12.2021 - Poland Poland
Polish small scale DAB network operator DABCOM has launched another test multiplex in the city of Szczecin, north west Poland, putting seven DAB+ radio stations on air. DABCOM also runs DAB+ trial transmissions in Gliwice, Szczawnica and Andrychów. DABCOM aims to soon launch the first regular service DAB+ multiplexes. The Office of Electronic Communications indicated the company as the network operator in the cities of Warsaw, Katowice, Poznań, Częstochowa and Tarnów.

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Digital Radio Tackles Green Challenge
08.12.2021 - Germany Germany
A new study from Germany has showed how digital radio can help broadcasters reduce energy usage. Describing DAB+ as “green radio,” the report says on broadcasting a single service, between 70 and 90 percent of energy can be saved by switching from FM to DAB+. Veit Olischläger, head of technology, media management and public relations at BLM, said: “Climate change is a challenge for all of us. Broadcasting via DAB+ saves up to 90 percent of energy, and regardless of DAB+, the greatest energy saving effects would be achieved just by replacing older FM sets.”

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Bulgarian CRC preparing competition on use of DAB+ in Band III
08.12.2021 - Bulgaria Bulgaria
The Bulgarian regulator, CRC, has announced it intends to open a competition for the use of DAB+ in Band III. The relevant documents are being prepared by the CRC within the next two months. At a meeting on 2 December the CRC adopted Decision № 404 of 02.12.2021, formally adopting the results of the public consultation on the prospects for the use of radio frequencies in band III 174 - 230 MHz.

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DAB+ colour slideshow on all stations on Prague DAB+ multiplex
07.12.2021 - Czech Republic Czech Republic
The operator of the Prague multiplex COLOR DAB + has completed the deployment of slideshow for all stations. From Monday, information about the currently played song and the station's logo will be broadcast for all services on the multiplex. "We consider this additional information to be a standard part of DAB+ broadcasting, which should not be missing," said project coordinator Jakub Melín. The radio network is currently in test mode, and plans to go live with regular services from January 2022. The offer also includes also two German radio stations.

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Bulgarian regulator accepts results of public consultation on use of Band III
07.12.2021 - Bulgaria Bulgaria
At its meeting on 2 December 2021, the Communications Regulation Commission - CRC - adopted the results of the public consultation on the prospects for the use of free resources in Band III, 174-230 MHz. The table with the summarized results of the conducted public consultation for DAB along with the decision will be published soon on the CRC website.

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Four applicants for DAB+ “Rhineland-Palatinate regional”
06.12.2021 - Germany Germany
The Medienanstalt Rheinland-Pfalz has decided to carry out a test with regard to DAB+ using alternative technical approaches based on open source software. According to information from radioWOCHE, a total of four applications were received in response to the tender announcement.

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