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Czech Radio explains all there is to know about DAB+
13.01.2021 - Czech Republic Czech Republic
Czech Radio's Head of Signal Distribution explains the benefits of DAB+ digital radio, which offers more stations, better sound quality as well as visual information.

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Netherlands expands national DAB+ network
13.01.2021 - Netherlands Netherlands
The application procedure for a new national commercial DAB+ network will start on 19 January 2021. The new network is part of the large-scale redistribution of the DAB+ networks in the Netherlands that will take place in the coming years.

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Frontier Smart Technologies partners with high-end electronics brand Loewe for its new range of SmartRadios
13.01.2021 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Frontier’s Venice X platform will soon power the listening experience of a new range of SmartRadios launched by German brand Loewe, a company perhaps better known for its high-end TVs. The Venice X module includes Bluetooth, FM, DAB+ and Internet connectivity.

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NDR launches new DAB+ stations in northern Germany
12.01.2021 - Germany Germany
NDR's DAB+ stations - including NDR Plus, NDR Blue and NDR Info Spezial, which are exclusively available on DAB+ - are available to listeners in Friesland, Bremen and Oldenburg from 13 January 2021.

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New DAB+ station to launch in southwestern Germany
09.01.2021 - Germany Germany, a new radio station targeting women aged between 14-39, is set to launch in the state of Baden-Württemberg in February 2021.

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DAB+ to launch in Luxembourg in 2021
08.01.2021 - Luxembourg Luxembourg
Regular services are set to launch in Luxembourg by the end of 2021, with DAB+ coverage initially expected to reach approximately 90% of the population.

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Switzerland to make full switch to DAB+ by 2023
08.01.2021 - Switzerland Switzerland
The radio industry in Switzerland has announced its plans to fully transition to DAB+ by 2023. Public broadcasters will turn off analogue FM transmissions in mid-2022, with private stations following by January 2023.

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NRJ's Nostalgie launches on Germany's second national multiplex
05.01.2021 - Germany Germany
NRJ's Nostalgie station is available to listeners across Germany on DAB+ from 4 January 2021.

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Switzerland to pull plug on FM radio by 2023
05.01.2021 - Switzerland Switzerland
The radio industry has reached an agreement on turning off its analogue FM transmitters, with the public broadcaster expected to make the definitive switch to digital in mid-2022. Private radio stations will follow suit by January 2023.

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DAB+ to launch in Dijon in 2021
03.01.2021 - France France
DAB+ digital radio is set to be launch in Dijon, in the east of the country in July 2021, as part of the continued rollout of DAB+ across France.

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