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Channel 4 abandons digital radio plans
10.10.2008 - Channel 4 Radio - United Kingdom United Kingdom
‘However, the decision from Channel 4 won't affect any of the radio stations currently available on DAB, so it's business as usual for radio listeners. ...

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Frontier Silicon Unveils Advanced Unified Receiver Module
10.10.2008 - Frontier Smart Technologies WorldDAB Member - United Kingdom United Kingdom
... France, Germany and Italy, are planning major digital radio launches during the next 12 months, while the DAB market is growing in the UK. ...

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Channel 4 abandons digital radio
Channel 4 has abandoned its plans to launch three digital radio stations, saying that it can no longer afford the £10 million cost of launching the service ...

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rontier Silicon drives the continuing growth of digital radio with launch of next-generation low-cost, low-power unified receiver module
10.10.2008 - Frontier Smart Technologies WorldDAB Member - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Frontier Silicon, the leading supplier of digital radio technology, today announces its latest generation of unified receiver modules.

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Intelematics to give car radio a traffic overhaul
09.10.2008 - Australia Australia
Your car radio soon could know whether you will be late for work before you even head out the door, following the test of a new digital radio service by Intelematics Australia.

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Cambridge Audio Fusion
08.10.2008 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
The DAB/FM tuner offers 20 presets and RDS and there's a dimmable two-line LCD to see what you're listening to. Tailored to work best with CA's own speaker ...

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Les promesses de la radio numérique terrestre
07.10.2008 - France France
Le Conseil supérieur français de l'Audiovisuel examinera à partir du mois d'octobre les dossiers de candidatures des stations de radio à une fréquence numérique terrestre ; e-alsace en profite pour faire le point sur les normes en vigueur dans le Rhin supérieur et s'interroge sur l'avenir numérique du media radio. Témoignages et opinions : Quentin Howard ( président du World DMB Forum) et Gilles Misslin ( consultant spécialisé ).

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BBC World Service on DAB+ in Malta
06.10.2008 - Malta Malta
Malta is one of the first countries in Europe to adopt the new DAB standard, the most recent addition to the DAB family already in use across Europe. ...

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D-day for digital radio across UK
06.10.2008 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
It is D-day for digital radio. Britain's radio groups, media regulator Ofcom and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport will meet at an emergency ...

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Italy launches trial
03.10.2008 - Italy Italy
Italy has launched four trial multiplexes, three in Band III and one in L-Band.

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