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DAB+ station finder interactive map launched for France
23.01.2020 - France - France
It's now possible to find out which DAB+ stations are on air and where thanks to the DAB+ interactive map just launched by the French regulator, the CSA.

French regulator implements next steps for national deployment of DAB+
23.01.2020 - France - France
At its plenary meeting on 22 January the CSA agreed on the timetable for the allocation of a remaining space on the national multiplex 1 to be launched later this year. Work on the preparations are to start immediately, with a call for applications to be launched in February.

Further expansion of national DAB+ network in Italy
WorldDAB Members News - 23.01.2020 - DAB Italia - Italy - Italy
Italian national DAB+ network operator, DAB Italia, continues the expansion of its national DAB+ network by recently launching further DAB transmission sites in several regions across the country including Abruzzo, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Campania, Piedmont Valle d'Aosta, Umbria and Molise.
From DAB Italia:

DAB+ in the spotlight at European Radio Show
23.01.2020 - France - France
The significant progress of DAB+ digital radio in France is set to take centre stage at this year’s European Radio and Digital Audio Show. Kicking off in Paris today, the event will bring together stakeholders from across the French radio industry and beyond to discuss the opportunities DAB+ brings for the radio, manufacturing, retail and automotive sectors.
From WorldDAB:

Italy gears up for implementation of EECC
22.01.2020 - Italy - Italy
According to the association of radio and TV broadcasters, Confindustria Radio Televisioni (CRTV), starting from December 21, 2020 all new cars, including commercial vehicles, for sale in Italy will have DAB + radio as standard. From 1 June 2019, it has been mandatory for sellers to prepare a possible future installation of a DAB + radio in vehicles ready for sale. As an interim measure, until December 2020, car manufacturers will be able to offer vehicles for sale car radios without DAB+ up to a maximum of 10% of the vehicles that were produced and registered in 2019.
From Corriere Comunicazioni:

DAB+ at home and in the car
21.01.2020 - Spain - Spain
This article outlines the specifications of DAB radio, touching on the technology's various benefits for listeners and broadcasters, and Germany's recent introduction of regulation mandating DAB+ radio in cars and certain types of consumer receivers.
From El digital de Asturias:

Wireless has officially launched Virgin Radio Groove on DAB+
21.01.2020 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
The Virgin Radio network (including Virgin Radio, Virgin Radio Anthems and Virgin Radio Chilled) now reaches 1.64m (up 303% year-on-year), delivering 9.2m hours (up 508% year-on-year). Every show in Virgin Radio’s daytime schedule delivered record listening figures.
From Music Week:

Record year for DAB radio as standard in new vehicles
20.01.2020 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Last year was a record year for DAB with 2.38 million new vehicles fitted with DAB digital radio as standard. DAB in new car registrations rose to a record 95% of all new cars in Q4 2019, while DAB in new commercial vehicles increased to a record of over 64%.
From Radio Today:

DAB+ in France's overseas territories
19.01.2020 - France - France
This article outlines the French media regulator's potential approach regarding the rollout of DAB+ in France's overseas territories, based on FM services currently available in these locations.
From Megazap:

Three new DAB+ receiver models launched by Technisat
German digital radio manufacturer has launched three new DAB+ receivers - a DAB+ tuner with IP and CD player, a water resistant DAB+ receiver for use in the shower, and one of the first children's DAB+ radios, branded with images of famous TV cartoon characters.
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