New DAB-Only Channel Launched in Southern Switzerland

18.05.2007 - Switzerland Switzerland

A new radio station launched in the Southern part of Switzerland makes DAB digital radio even more attractive to its Italian-speaking listeners. Radio Svizzera Classica plays classical music all day and each title is announced by an Italian-speaking moderator. Radio Svizzera Classica was developed and launched on DAB in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland in a joint effort of Rete Due, a public radio station in the Ticino, and Swiss Satellite Radio, producer of three public music-only radio stations. All works played on the new classical station are selected and programmed at Swiss Satellite Radio, and the corresponding announcements are produced by the radio moderators at Rete Due. The channel's format is based on the existing "Radio Swiss Classic", one of the best liked classical radio stations on DAB in Switzerland. The new Italian version of this successful channel started its broadcasts on Sunday and will substitute the French-German version on the DAB ensemble in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. The French-German channel will continue to be broadcast via satellite and on the Internet. Radio Svizzera Classica is the first DAB-only launch in the history of Digital Audio Broadcasting in Switzerland and is expected to contribute greatly to the success of digital radio among its Italian-speaking audience. Other exclusive formats for DAB digital radio are currently being developed at the Swiss public broadcaster SRG SSR idée suisse. One of these will be an information and news channel in German by Schweizer Radio DRS, another is planned to be an English broadcast called "World Radio Switzerland".