Czech Innovation Day 2024 on DAB+

15.05.2024 - Ceske Radiokomunikace a.s. WorldDAB Member - Czech Radio WorldDAB Member - Czechia Czechia

This year, the traditional Innovation Day conference will be held by České Radiokomunikace (CRA) on Tuesday 21 May in Spojka Karlín. Terrestrial broadcasting, whether television or radio, will be the main topic of the annual event organised by CRA. The lunch and afternoon sessions of the conference will focus on digital radio. Marcel Procházka from CRA will introduce the conference participants to the construction of new DAB+ networks and prediction of further development of this platform. Martin Hroch from Radio United will present the idea of commercial radios broadcasting in the analogue FM band about their entry into DAB+ digital broadcasting. Karel Zýka, Technical Director of Czech Radio, will talk about the further development of the public DAB+ digital network.

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