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28.03.2024 - WorldDAB News - RTVE WorldDAB Member - Spain Spain

by Rebecca Keene, Stakeholder Relations Manager, WorldDAB



Q&A with Javier Sánchez, Head of Strategy at RTVE Innovation Center, RTVE

RTVE has recently joined WorldDAB as a member, why have you joined?

RTVE became a member of WorldDAB because it is the only organisation where all stakeholders involved in the deployment of DAB+ worldwide are represented (including public and commercial broadcasters, regulators, broadcasting network operators, receiver manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, professional electronics manufacturers, automotive multimedia systems manufacturers, etc.). This allows for clear advantages in gathering and sharing knowledge and best practices, as well as in proposing specific actions to national and international bodies that contribute to the adoption of DAB+ across the world.

What market does your company support and what services do you provide?

RTVE is the Spanish Public Media Service and its radio service RNE has six radio stations: Radio Nacional (generalist), Radio Clásica (classical music), Radio 3 (cultural and alternative music programming), Ràdio 4 (Catalan-language station broadcast in Catalonia), Radio 5 (news) and Radio Exterior de España (international radio service).

RNE radio stations offer a wide range of diverse content broadcast to the largest audience, within the Spanish national territory and beyond our borders. Our stations provide the largest quality Spanish language content offer on news, entertainment, music and educational programmes.

Can you tell us about your most recent projects?

We've started transmitting legal DAB+ broadcasts in Spain. We have the aim of promoting its adoption and implementation across the country, involving the entire legal radio sector.

What do your listeners value most from you?

To provide a valuable service with a quality, independent, responsible and committed radio. A radio meeting point where all opinions and voices participate to tell and understand what is happening in Spain and the world, from different perspectives. A radio where everybody can speak, listen and learn. A radio where independent national, local, and international information prevails, along with analysis over opinion. With specialised and high-quality music programming.

What advice would you give someone considering deploying DAB+?

To start as soon as possible. It will be necessary to seek internal and external support, promote the adoption of an adequate legal framework (if necessary), have a realistic technical planning and promotional campaign, ensure enough economic resources and establish some exciting short-term launch goals. Besides, it is essential to explain clearly to all the stakeholders involved that DAB+ provides the real radio digitisation, ensuring a long-term distribution for linear services with content integrity in any foreseeable non-disruptive scenario.

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"Casa de la Radio" is the headquarters of Radio Nacional de España (RNE)


"RTVE Prado del Rey" is the headquarters of Radio Televisión Española (RTVE)