MPs under pressure to continue broadcast TV and radio services until 2040

08.12.2023 - United Kingdom United Kingdom

Ministers have come under mounting pressure to protect traditional TV and radio of tens of millions of people in the UK. TV and radio transmitted through an aerial is only guaranteed until the mid-2030s under current plans by the Government. But Broadcast 2040+, a coalition of campaigners, will use the data to press for terrestrial services and Freeview to be protected for at least another 17 years. The document, seen by the Daily Express, argues: “Millions of people access TV and radio content through broadcast services. Ofcom’s Media Nations 2023 report stated that broadcast TV has a strong weekly reach of 79% and the use of DAB radio services is rising with 88% of adults listening in for an average of 20 hours each week, the majority choosing terrestrial radio.”

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