Sustainability in radio passes through new technologies: LifeGate and the obligatory choice of the green broadcaster

01.02.2023 - Italy Italy

Radio and the environment? They travel on the same wavelength. The new plan of Radio LifeGate, the broadcaster that has been dealing with ecological issues for twenty years, was announced a few days ago: LifeGate, B-corp since 2017, will switch to the DAB+ broadcasting standard in the main Italian regions and on the French Riviera. Proposing awareness-raising content through a zero-impact medium is not only an ethical gesture, but also an economic investment. "FM broadcasting transmitters," confirms the CEO, "have a high electricity consumption and consequently emit a lot of CO2 to produce this energy. The future-oriented DAB technology allows lower consumption and is beneficial for the energy balance and the environment as it drastically reduces carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere'.

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