Media DAB launches its first communication campaign

09.12.2022 - Media DAB S.C.A.R.L. WorldDAB Member - Italy Italy

Media DAB, the Italian consortium of local radio stations and WorldDAB member, is carrying out an advertising campaign for the month of December to thank the more than 100 radio stations that have joined their consortium.

Full colour pages will be published in the national daily newspaper 'Milano Finanza' (leader in financial and economic information) and banners in online broadcast periodicals including and

"The subjects that will alternate will be two, because we wanted to play with the words DAB and MEDIA DAB" explains Gianluigi Petruccio, creator of the campaign and Media DAB's press and external relations manager. "In the first subject the headline" continues Gianluigi Petruccio, "is 'DABbiamo ringraziare i consorziati' (we must thank the consortium members) because it was really only thanks to them that our consortium was able to extend into many Italian cities.
The second Head Line - 'imMEDIAto affiDABile, multiMEDIAle guiDABile' - to highlight, playing with the word MEDIA DAB, that DAB listening is immediate, reliable, multimedia and usable in the car".

Vincenzo Dolce, president of the Media DAB consortium, adds: "We are working to spread DAB throughout Italy, but also to raise public awareness of its use. This first type of campaign seemed opportune to us to start our communication activity."     

These are the first three advertising materials produced: