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02.09.2020 - WorldDAB News - Pluxbox WorldDAB Member - Netherlands Netherlands

by Rebecca Keene, Stakeholder Relations Manager, WorldDAB


Q&A with with Cas Adriani, CTO, Pluxbox

What markets does your company support and what solutions do you provide?

Pluxbox is a global player in the radio industry that strongly believes in continuous change. The needs of listeners are changing all the time and therefore the distribution of content needs to change as well. Since DAB+ is now the de facto digital radio distribution channel, broadcasters need to adjust their content distribution strategies.

Pluxbox offers solutions to broadcasters so they can cope with changing their production process to best fit the needs of their listeners in the current media world.

In addition to tailor made solutions and advice, we provide multiple out-of-the-box solutions like and RadioManager. With we improve the distribution of content whilst RadioManager improves the creation of it.

Can you tell us about your most recent projects?

Pluxbox continues to innovate in various areas. Recently we have been busy improving the metadata for radio in various European countries with technologies such as RadioDNS, DL plus, EPG, logos and Slideshow. It’s nice to see a whole new experience in the car and online, once radio stations subscribe and upload their logos in We strongly believe in a connected digital world and distribution of content to IP solutions, hybrid radio solutions and terrestrial digital broadcasting with a single solution in place.

What do your customers value most from your solutions?

We always try to help our customers in the transitional phase by looking at the complete landscape and validating their value chain. By doing this we can offer solutions that fit the needs of the stations. Furthermore we are a strong supporter of open standards and open systems. By doing this we increase the use and integrations of our products with other vendors and solutions.

We have a great knowledge base for radio stations that they can use and out-of-the-box solutions that can give quick gains.

What advice would you give someone considering deploying DAB?

Do not think of DAB as just another channel to distribute your audio. DAB is not only a digital way of distributing audio but also a way to distribute other content such as metadata or slides. Be sure you at least register your station to RadioDNS (although this is also advised for non-DAB stations) so hybrid receivers can receive all the extra information your station wants to send and deliver the experience your listeners expect. Next, make a plan for how to distribute your logo, your contact information, genre, DL plus, EPG and Slideshows. Some radio broadcasters are not used to creating content other than audio so also take a good look at your content strategy.

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