Switzerland prepares listeners for FM switch off

21.05.2020 - Switzerland Switzerland

Switzerland prepares listeners for FM switch off

Watch this week’s virtual presentation by René Wehrlin at Swiss media regulator OFCOM with the latest on DAB+ in Switzerland, where broadcasters are gearing up to switch off FM by no later than in 2024 – and possibly earlier. 

René explains why Switzerland is switching off FM, outlines the recently launched Swiss DSO campaign preparing listeners for the final switch from FM to DAB+, and introduces us to the campaign mascot Dabsy.

With the slogan "More programs, more sound, more radio", the campaign focuses initially on reinforcing the benefits of DAB+ ‘Your radio thinks of you’. Closer to DSO the campaign shifts focus to ‘Think about your radio’ mobilising listeners to buy a DAB+ radio in preparation for the FM switch off.

DAB+ is now the most used radio reception platform in Switzerland with 37% of all listening, and digital listening making up 68% of all listening. Only 15% of listeners were using FM exclusively end 2019.

Watch the video and download the presentation