SNIC research examines the behaviour of single frequency networks in cars

28.05.2020 - WorldDAB News - Italy Italy


Despite the challenges brought about by the spread of Covid-19, the work of the WorldDAB Spectrum and Network Implementation Committee is ongoing, and the committee’s Chair, Hanns Wolter, network deployment expert at Italian network provider DAB Italia has published research regarding Single Frequency Network (SFN) behaviour in automobiles.

A SFN is a network of transmitting stations that use the same frequency to transmit the same information – it is a means to extend the coverage area without the use of additional frequencies.

Three different scenarios were tested as part of the research:

  • Lab test with a test receiver
  • Field test with different power settings for two transmitters used as part of the test
  • Driving test using two different cars and car radios

During the driving tests a significant difference between the two car radios emerged, with one model being able to cope with scenarios in which the SFN was not respected and the other model not being able to decode the signal in the same locations.

The research found that certain types of in-car DAB receivers still have a lot of margin for improvement, including but not limited to the optimisation of the antenna systems of these receivers.

The research also found that in the future, in-car receivers should be able to cope with various out-of-sync scenarios. What’s more, a more efficient decoding strategy can significantly help to mitigate problems caused by DAB signals reaching the receiver outside the guard-interval.

The WorldDAB Spectrum and Network Implementation Committee (SNIC) was created as a direct response to the accelerated rollout of DAB+ across Europe, and to support the implementation of DAB+ networks.