WorldDAB members exhibiting at IBC - DABCAST (BCAST Ltd.)

12.09.2019 - Netherlands Netherlands


Maciej Lipiński, Founder & CTO, DABCAST (BCAST Ltd.)

How do you see the digital radio industry evolving in the coming years?

Radio itself is evolving, as well as the industry. Everybody sees that. Definitely, the future of radio is hybrid solution combining both broadcast and streaming. The main goal will be to find the relation and layer for merge, as well as come up with new services which correspond to the business. Still, frequencies will stay as rare and valuable goods, against offering the best monetization. Looking more abstract, I am wondering if modulation mechanism known in broadcast one day will not be utilized somehow for providing the streaming services (the other way is known and used of course, i.e. in mobile broadcast) …

What DAB+ products or services are you showcasing at IBC 2019?

During this year's show, after two years of hard engineering sophisticated work, DABCAST will officially present and launch its complete DAB+ platform. It is comprehensive solution that allows you to easily create, manage and broadcast radio in digital format. At our stand, we will show both software solutions: the first fully cloud multiplex and Virtual Studio app which helps broadcasters to manage their content, but also hardware: the first Polish radio transmitter DTX050 in a quarter of a century and a DABMON monitor for verifying the quality of digital radio. All these elements can be used separately, but they work best when working together in the DABCAST system. Thanks to their cooperation, creating and providing a digital radio is easier than ever before. The cooperation of software and hardware in a coherent ecosystem is a game changer and we want to convince industry it has a bright future, especially for small and medium broadcasters.

You are one of several WorldDAB members exhibiting at IBC 2019 – what value do you see in exhibiting at the show?

We believe that our solutions have global potential - we are already conducting a number of implementations outside of Poland. Therefore, IBC is a great opportunity to present them to a wide audience and reach people who will be interested in acquiring this technology. Our solutions are addressed not only to broadcasters directly, but also to potential technology partners (technical operators, broadcast service providers) who see that their emissions can be implemented using DABCAST. In addition - the fair is also an opportunity to meet and learn the opinions of many highly qualified engineers, which can be crucial in the context of the future development of the platform or other high-tech products and solutions.

Where can we find you and who should we ask for? 

We will be placed in the LaunchedPad area dedicated for startups and disruptive ideas, under DABCAST name, stand P22. If you come to us, you can talk to Patryk or Emil – our main engineers and co-creators of particular products, or you can ask for Maciej Lipiński, the founder of DABCAST. He may additionally explain you from "backstage" how to run such an innovative project as DABCAST and about what the future of the DAB + standard and radio will look like, in his opinion. It is worth remembering that DABCAST is not only a digital radio, but also a number of other innovations, among others related to the Industrial Internet of Things in the LoRaWAN standard, therefore visiting the DABCAST stand should be important trade point for all enthusiasts of new technologies.