WorldDAB members exhibiting at IBC - GatesAir

06.08.2019 - GatesAir WorldDAB Member - Netherlands Netherlands

Rich Redmond, President / Managing Director, International, GatesAir

How do you see the digital radio industry evolving in the coming years?

All parts of the world are evolving how they use radio as a part of their media mix.  In some places they are adding analogue FM and new commercial services, however in many places digital radio is becoming a more important part of the media mix.  In the Europe we see several countries with very mature digital radio/ DAB systems such as Norway, the UK to name a few.  A number of others are expanding their digital radio offerings to provide additional coverage and more channels and services.  In parts of Asia we see similar growth, most notably in Australia.  It is clear that digital radio will continue to power more channels of content for more people around the world, and will continue to be a very cost effective one to many delivery platform for rich audio and data content.

What DAB+ products or services are showcasing at IBC 2019?

GatesAir will be showing a number of new and innovative solutions for cost effective deployment of DAB+ digital radio.  With our recently announced acquisition of transmitter maker Onetastic, we have a full line of compact, energy efficient transmitters in both liquid and air cooled versions to power DAB networks, In addition we have an award winning system that will transmit three separate DAB multiplexes in a single transmitter, delivering superior ROI and low operating costs.  In addition a new line of outdoor pole mounted transmitters are an ideal solution for DAB gap fillers and SFN transmitters to either build out network coverage or provide for small scale local service.


You are one of several WorldDAB members exhibiting at IBC 2019 – what value do you see in exhibiting at the show?

IBC is a great venue for us to meet with many of our global customers in one place.  A broad number of customers and partners attend IBC annually, and we are able to meet, discus projects we are working on together, and frankly have a bit of socialization together that helps us build closer bonds with our customers.  We place a great deal of value on our participation in IBC.

Where can we find you and who should we ask for?  

You can find us at Hall 8, D60