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10 DAB+ services are on air and cover 100% of the population of Qatar.

In July 2019, the Qatari government announced the launch of DAB - expected in September 2019 - as a replacement for AM and FM broadcasting.

Last update: 05.03.2021

In this country there is

  • Local multiplex: 1 Regular
on air.

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Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DAB+ programmes 10 0 10
Qatari broadcaster chooses Paneda as DAB technical partner
16.12.2021 - Paneda WorldDAB Member - Qatar Qatar
A major broadcaster in Qatar has chosen Paneda as its technical partner for DAB systems. Paneda has delivered a completely new DAB system including redundancy, audio contribution, content system for metadata and distribution components. Paneda has recently finalized onsite training sessions with the local technicians and performed redundancy tests and other exercises. The complete system is now in operation.

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Key Information

Status: regular
Population: 2.9 million
Population coverage: Sparkline Graph 100%
Services: 10 DAB+
Last update: 04.09.2023

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