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Algerian broadcaster - TDA - launched a DAB+ trial to coincide with World Radio Day on 13 February 2018, broadcasting four radio stations in the capital Algers, and covering 68% of the city's population.  TDA's objective with this trial is to begin the process of migration from FM analogue to DAB+ digital radio. 


Read more information in the official TDA press release here.

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The DAB+ transmitter is located in Tamanfoust and covers the east and the center parts of the capital, Algiers. 68% of the population of Algiers is covered by the DAB+ trial multiplex. The multiplex will cover the communes of Bordj El Bahri, Dar El Beïda, Mohammadia, Hussein Dey, Sidi M'hamed, Algiers center, Bab El Oued, Rouiba and Reghaïa. The transmitter will also partly cover the city of Boumerdès.

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DAB+ programmes 18 0 18

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68% of the population of Algiers area (Algiers bay and eastern area) are covered by one transmitter with the following technical specifications:  

- Transmitter power: 600 W
- Frequency: (5B) 176.64 MHz
- Population covered: 68% of Algiers 
- Number of channels:   4
- Bit rate: 192 kbit/s with protection profile 3A-(1/2)

Algeria turns off analogue TV services as part of digital transition
08.06.2020 - Algeria Algeria
Algeria has announced the switch off of its analogue TV services will be taking place on 17 June 2020, with available frequencies set to be used for digital terrestrial radio broadcasts. A DAB+ trial is currently in operation in Algiers, covering 68% of its population.

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Digital TV switch to facilitate deployment of DAB+ in Algeria
24.02.2020 - Algeria Algeria
Algerian Minister for Communications Ammar Belhimer has announced that the switch from analogue to digital TV will be taking place by 17 June 2020, highlighting that this will enable the deployment of DAB+ digital radio services in the country.

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New DAB+ broadcasts start in Kuwait and Algeria
21.02.2018 - Telediffusion D'Algerie (TDA) WorldDAB Member - Kuwait Kuwait - Algeria Algeria
On Feb. 18, the Kuwaiti Minister of Information, Mohmmad Al-Jabri, inaugurated a new DAB+ mux transmission from Al-Metlaa, north of Kuwait City. He indicated to Kuwait Television the planning of the new service began two years earlier, according to In Tamenfoust, Algeria, the pilot station Télédiffusion d'Algérie (TDA) entered service, broadcasting with a DAB+ mux, on the occasion of World Radio Day. This operation is the first of its kind in Algeria.

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TDA: first experimental station on DAB+ in Algeria
13.02.2018 - Algeria Algeria
A new trial DAB+ station began broadcasting on Tuesday in Algeria, marking the first occasion of digital radio broadcasting in the country. Télédiffusion d'Algérie (TDA) has launched the station in Tamenfoust, east of Algiers, with four programmes to be aired in the new standard.

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TDA in Algeria launches DAB+ experimental station
13.02.2018 - Algeria Algeria
On the occasion of World Radio Day, the TDA pilot station in Tamentfoust, Algeria, has launched an experimental DAB+ station on Tuesday.

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Algerian station launches first DAB+ programme
12.02.2018 - Algeria Algeria
The pilot station Télédiffusion d'Algérie (TDA) in Tamenfoust, Algeria dedicated to DAB+ will enter into service on Tuesday, on the occasion of World Radio Day, according to a statement by the organisation.

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Algeria launches first experimental digital radio
12.02.2018 - Algeria Algeria
The Télédiffusion d'Algérie (TDA) station in Algeria will launch on Tuesday, which will be the first DAB+ experiment in the country.

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Spectrum still an issue in Algeria
26.01.2015 - Algeria Algeria
"One option...", says Abdelmalek Hoyou, director general of the country’s national transmission service provider Telediffusion d’Algérie “ to switch to DAB digital radio,” adding that the extinction of analogue TV in Band III would enable the country to secure available frequencies for both public and commercial radio broadcasters through a multiplexing system.

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African seminar on digital terrestrial television and radio Monday in Algiers
08.09.2013 - Algeria Algeria
seminar entitled "For a successful and smooth transition to digital terrestrial television and radio (DAB and DVB-T)", will be held Monday in Algiers by the African Union of Broadcasting (AUB), chaired by Algeria since 2010, Saturday said a statement from the organization.

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