Fully Integrated Devices

WorldDAB has compiled a list of vehicle makes and models for which a fully integrated aftermarket DAB solution is available, providing clarity on which vehicles it is technically possible to add a fully integrated DAB aftermarket solution.

The release of the EECC directive in 2020 means that almost all new vehicles now come with DAB+ as standard. However, aftermarket solutions are sometimes required to convert older vehicles, and with most cars staying on the road for 8 to 10 years after purchase, car buyers want solutions that resemble factory-fit solutions.

For the first time this information has been collated, offering a useful asset in discussions with governments, regulators, consumer and driver associations to demonstrate that DAB aftermarket solutions are readily available that can accelerate the conversion of vehicles already on the road without DAB.

A fully integrated solution should be controlled behave in the same way as a factory-fitted DAB solution, and in high-end solutions, it should be difficult to notice any difference between an aftermarket or a factory-fit solution.

Not featured on the list are the more budget-friendly solutions introduced on the market 2011-2012, where the iPod/USB port is used to integrate the DAB solution.   

This list was created in Autumn 2021 and will be updated regularly.  

For more information contact projectoffice@worlddab.org