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New Digital Radio NL campaign targets cars with DAB+ as standard
19.07.2022 - Digital Radio NL WorldDAB Member - Netherlands Netherlands
Digital Radio NL has launched a new campaign. A unique form of outdoor advertising that allows one-on-one communication during refuelling: digital displays from CS Digital Media at petrol stations. Smart use is made of vehicle detection during refuelling. Only cars equipped with DAB+ as standard, newer than December 2020, will be targeted. Ten different DAB+ messages from DJs/presenters from various radio stations are shown on the displays parallel to the broadcast schedule of their radio station.

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Premium Radio celebrates its first anniversary
19.07.2022 - France France
Launched on 1 July 2021, the Premium Radio project is already celebrating its first anniversary. Premium Radio is a radio station broadcasting on DAB+ from Monaco throughout the Côte d'Azur which offers many sequences around business, personal development, the stock market, cryptocurrencies, health or even marketing...

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Sergio Natucci (DAB Italy): on the Adriatic table we need greater Italian dignity vs foreign invasion.
19.07.2022 - DAB Italia WorldDAB Member - Italy Italy
Sergio Natucci (DAB Italy): "the radio sector is once again at the centre of strong turbulence. It is a very delicate phase. We are at the turning point: the turning point is really close (July 27) and I believe that no one can imagine stopping or delaying it. It is important to repeat it: the DAB Plan has priority over any other intervention and has nothing to do with the energy crisis; even less with the FM universe."

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CRTV: immediate approval of the PNAF DAB + for radio
19.07.2022 - Italy Italy
After over twenty years of waiting, radio will finally have a plan for the definitive development of DAB. The Communications Authority has prepared and submitted to the trade associations, as required by law, the first frequency allocation plan for digital radio DAB+ based on international agreements with almost all neighbouring countries and in compliance with the results of the 2006 Geneva International Conference. This finally guarantees the stability and coordination of planned resources. Approval is scheduled for July 27th. CRTV asks that this timing not be subject to postponements, as happened last year due to the lack of agreement with foreign countries on the Adriatic side.

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DAB+: BFMTV is available in an enhanced version on BFM Radio
19.07.2022 - France France
BFMTV is now available in an enhanced radio version on BFM Radio. The channel can be listened to live in digital quality with DAB+ technology, but also on the BFMTV application and the website, with the channel live and additional audio content. Viewers can find all BFMTV programmes thanks to BFM Radio, which also offers enriched content specially dedicated to audio: traffic information, weather forecasts, the stock market as well as several podcasts.

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Eduardo Montefusco (RDS): DAB immediately without compromise
18.07.2022 - DAB Italia WorldDAB Member - Italy Italy
Eduardo Montefusco: "The time of waiting, of reflections is over. Radio finally deserves to fully enter digital. Obviously the terrestrial one. We had to wait for over twenty years for the VHF band to be released, used without limits by television services and in particular by Rai, in order to have the national frequency plan for the DAB service. We look forward to the Agcom resolution."

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Two Tuscany-based DAB+ network providers expand coverage
18.07.2022 - Italy Italy
Toscana DAB and Radio Digitale Toscana, two DAB+ network providers in Italy’s north-central Tuscany region, have activated additional facilities. The two consortiums are part of the country’s local radio and TV association Aeranti-Corallo. They currently each operate seven multiplexes in Florence, Pistoia, Prato, Arezzo and Siena provinces, and both recently activated a DAB+ transmitter in the medieval hill town of San Gimignano in Siena.

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Bradford Digital Media launches Bradford DAB Multiplex
15.07.2022 - digris AG WorldDAB Member - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Services at launch include Sunrise Radio, Sunrise Radio Gold, Sab Rang Radio, Marefa Radio, Great Yorkshire Radio, Voice of Islam, Cosoro Radio, Panjab Radio, Fever FM Leeds, and Gorgeous Radio. Commenting on the launch, Rash Mustapha of the UK Digris operation said: “We are pleased that our first synchronised two site DAB radio installation has gone so well. Eleven services are now being encoded, multiplexed and distributed across the network, 24/7 monitoring is also in place so that Bradford Digital Media will only need to work on the mux management side of things with the techie headaches being dealt with by Digris.”

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UK small-scale DAB tier rolls out
15.07.2022 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
The ongoing development of small-scale DAB in the United Kingdom continues apace with the first new multiplexes now operational. Others are nearing launch, and the broadcast regulator, Ofcom, is offering additional licenses through a third round of licensing that opened on Jan. 25.

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DAB+ 1st federal mux to improve reception in North Friesland
15.07.2022 - Deutschlandradio WorldDAB Member - Germany Germany
In North Friesland, the national DAB+ stations which are broadcast nationwide via channel 5C, are now offering better reception. The network operator Media Broadcast has put the transmitter in Süderlügum (Schleswig-Holstein) into operation, which Deutschlandradio announced in March 2022 (INFOSAT reported). In addition to the public Deutschlandradio stations Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Deutschlandfunk Nova and the digital channel "Deutschlandfunk Documents and Debates", numerous private radio stations are broadcast via the first national DAB+ platform, the "1. DAB+ Bundesmux", will benefit from improved reception. These include the private stations Absolut Relax, Energy, ERF Plus, Klassik Radio, Radio Bob!, Radio Hoereb, Schlagerparadies, Schwarzwaldradio and Sunshine Live.

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