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EWF test to take place on DAB+
09.09.2020 - Germany Germany
Thanks to DAB + digital radio, the Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF) can be used to send corresponding warnings directly to DAB + radio devices. EWF is a new form of barrier-free alerting within a few seconds, which the digital terrestrial broadcasting standard DAB + offers and, in exceptional cases, can switch on radios that are in standby. In addition to the voice announcement, multilingual text information is also transmitted with EWF via DAB+.

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German consumers increasingly opting for DAB+
08.09.2020 - Germany Germany
There are now almost ten million DAB+ radios in cars and households across Germany - one million more than in the previous year, with the number expected to rise further as Germany prepares to launch its second national multiplex in October.

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Digital Radio Germany publishes DAB+ report
07.09.2020 - Germany Germany
The report, published by Germany's digital radio organisation, includes the latest data on DAB+ digital radio in Germany, where the sales of DAB+ devices have grown by 14 percent year on year from 2019 to 2020.

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Germany's public broadcasters reiterate DAB+ plans
07.09.2020 - Germany Germany
Commenting on the latest results stemming from the Germany's Audio and Digital Radio report, the directors of public broadcasters MDR and Deutschlandradio reiterated their DAB+ plans, highlighting the diversity it offers as well as the important role DAB+ has played throughout the pandemic.

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DAB+ continues to grow in Germany
07.09.2020 - Germany Germany
The digitisation of radio continues to progress in Germany, with Germans increasingly buying and listening to DAB+ radio. The number of DAB+ receivers in German households has increased by 1.8 million (14 percent) compared to last year, while almost two thirds of Germans now have access to a digital radio in their household.

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Exeter Small Scale DAB multiplex consortium created
06.09.2020 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
A new Exeter-based consortium called ExeDAB has been formed to apply for a Small Scale DAB multiplex in Exeter. The company already has received expressions of interest from a number of radio stations who will launch on digital radio in Exeter if it wins the multiplex licence.

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Spain urged to develop digital radio plan by Izquierda Confederal
04.09.2020 - Spain Spain
Spain's Izquierda Confederal parliamentary group has presented before the Senate a Proposal to introduce a Law to urgently address the promotion and development of terrestrial digital radio broadcasting.

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Applications open for small-scale DAB licences
02.09.2020 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
The first 25 small-scale DAB radio multiplex licences are being advertised today by Ofcom. Applicants now have 12 weeks to prepare and submit applications, with the first small scale multiplex licences expected to be awarded early in 2021.

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RedTechTribe launches online
02.09.2020 - France France
This new business and technology platform for the international radio and digital audio industries launched online on 2 September. It will also introduce a bimonthly print issue in December. Created by multicultural professionals especially for the international radio broadcast and digital audio industries, RedTech covers the latest trends and developments impacting the global radio and audio sectors and circulates to executives who manage and operate radio stations, networks, sales houses, music production companies, and more.

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WorldDAB member focus - Pluxbox
02.09.2020 - WorldDAB News - Pluxbox WorldDAB Member - Netherlands Netherlands
Pluxbox is a global player in the radio industry that offers solutions to broadcasters so they can cope with changing their production process to fit the needs of the listeners in the current media world. According to Pluxbox CTO Cas Adriani, DAB is not only a digital way of distributing audio, but also one that enables the distribution of other content such as metadata or slides.

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