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Eight applicants for Poland's national DAB+ multiplex
19.04.2022 - National Broadcasting Council of Poland (KRRiT) WorldDAB Member - Poland Poland
The National Broadcasting Council has published a list of eight applicants to broadcast on Poland's nationwide DAB+ multiplex.

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Australia "enjoying strong innovation and growth with digital radio"
19.04.2022 - Commercial Radio Australia WorldDAB Member - Australia Australia
Ford Ennals has now established himself in the new role as CEO of Commercial Radio Australia, replacing Joan Warner as she hangs up the gloves after close to 20 years. "Australia has one of the most advanced and dynamic radio and audio markets in the world and is enjoying strong innovation and growth with digital radio," he says.

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Andrea Borgnino, RAI: "I'm a huge broadcast fan."
19.04.2022 - RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana WorldDAB Member - Italy Italy
"Broadcasting allows you to reach many people at the same time, something that IP still cannot do. I was lucky enough to work at EBU for two years and my colleagues continued - and continue - to remember that even with 5G we cannot even imagine serving all the millions of users who currently use the radio," says Borgnino.

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Fix Radio going national on DAB in UK
15.04.2022 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
The idea started over a cup of tea on a construction site. Now a builders’ radio station is going national with an ambition to fix it for tradesmen who hate music repeats and adverts. It is preparing to go national on DAB, and is planning to crowdfund £1 million for a marketing blitz.

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Radio’s options to remain in the dashboard
14.04.2022 - Xperi Corporation WorldDAB Member
Joe D’Angelo, senior vice president of broadcast radio for Xperi Corp, says "digital broadcast technologies have allowed broadcasters to modernise their infrastructure, improve the quality of their audio services, offer a wider variety of programming and, for the first time, deliver rich, descriptive visual metadata to enhance the end-user experience. But at its core, radio’s most valuable attributes are not technology-dependent, but come from its programming and localism, immediacy and connection to a community."

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Local DAB+ in Flanders: West Flanders completes the list
14.04.2022 - Belgium Belgium
With the arrival of West Flanders on 10D, all five Flemish test muxes for local radio can now be heard via DAB+. As in Antwerp, the fifteen local stations opted to act jointly as operators themselves.

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Brillux Radio starts nationwide on DAB+ in Germany
14.04.2022 - Germany Germany
Under the name "Brillux Radio", the Münster-based paint and varnish manufacturer Brillux will broadcast a new nationwide radio station from May 12, 2022 via the national private DAB+ platform of Antenne Deutschland. All content will revolve around the topics of renovation, refurbishment and redesign.

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Luxembourg: Plan to launch digital radio scheduled for May
13.04.2022 - Luxembourg Luxembourg
The government is due to present a study on how to introduce digital audio broadcasting in Luxembourg, with the document delayed from 2021. In September 2020, Luxembourg launched a study on the introduction of DAB+ and the results are due to be presented in May this year, prime minister Xavier Bettel (DP), who is also media minister, said in answer to a parliamentary question on Tuesday. The service was expected to launch last year.

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More radio for Hamburg: Up to 16 additional stations and improved reception via DAB+
12.04.2022 - Media Broadcast GmbH WorldDAB Member - Germany Germany
DAB+ listeners in Hamburg and the neighbouring regions can look forward to up to 16 new radio stations from April 14. The number of stations that can be received digitally in the best quality via DAB+ in the Hanseatic city has increased to around 65. For the first time nationwide, a slot is reserved for temporary event radio in the new DAB+ multiplex.

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Thorsten Schmiege: “The political wind has shifted”
11.04.2022 - Bayerische Landeszentrale fur neue Medien (BLM) WorldDAB Member - Germany Germany
interview with Dr Thorsten Schmiege, President of the Bavarian State Centre for New Media (BLM). Bavaria is one of the strongest advocates and sponsors of DAB+. For a year now, all FM radio stations in Bavaria can also be received via DAB+. Private providers are currently offering more than 80 local, State-wide and nationwide DAB+ stations. Together with the digital radio programs of Bayerischer Rundfunk, there are a total of more than 100 DAB+ programs. According to Dr. Thorsten Schmiege, President of the Bavarian State Centre for New Media (BLM), FM has been losing relevance for years, while the range of DAB+ is growing continuously.

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