DMB- Audio Receiver Prototype Arrives at Le Radio, France

23.10.2008 - France France

The first prototype of a DMB audio receiver has been produced and displayed at this year’s French radio conference Siel & Satis Le Radio. Attendees to the Parisian event held on 20th - 23rd October were able see the DMB audio receiver on the TDF stand. The product is being developed through an alliance between RTL, TDF, Caméon, E-steresys, and Telecom Paris TECH, who are all likely to be involved in DMB audio when it launches in France in 2009. The prototype is currently designed for the French market though later may be available for DAB/DAB+ markets. This is the second outing for the prototype which made its debut at the Paris Motor Show, Mondial De L’Automobile, last week. For more information on this product please go to