Danes crazy about digital radio: New positive figures showing DAB growth in Denmark

18.01.2008 - Denmark Denmark

The Danes are crazy about DAB Digital Radio! Independent Research Company Zapera asked 2,000 Danes between the ages of 15 and 63 about their opinion on DAB. The survey showed that 38% have access to a DAB radio at home and 18% have more than one DAB radio at home. These new figures make Denmark one of the most successful countries to roll out DAB Digital Radio.

Content is satisfactory

With respect to content 84% of the participants in the survey were satisfied with the content on Danish DAB and 48% were extremely satisfied with the programming.
"The Danes want high quality content. They want channels with a clear profile: 'you know, what you get!' There is no doubt about the future for DAB in Denmark, we will be introducing channels which are focused on special content which you cannot get on FM. This will make DAB even more interesting to the listeners compared with FM", said DAB Denmark Chairman, Paul Samsoe. He stresses that the positive development will continue as outdoor coverage in Denmark reaches 90%+ and indoor coverage reaches 80%+ - both will be as close to 100% as possible during 2008. The survey shows, that 52% are satisfied with the reception of DAB in their local area and 28% are very satisfied (in total 80% satisfaction).

Sound is satisfactory

87% of all Danes with a DAB radio in their homes say that the sound quality on DAB is better than on FM or the same as FM. These figures are similar to figures released in Norway and UK earlier this year.
Paul Samsoe said that, "There have been discussions on the sound quality on DAB, now a huge majority of the listeners in UK, Norway and Denmark say that the sound quality is satisfactory. With these discussions in mind, we are happy with these figures".

The Danes want quality

Price and quality are the two key points when Danes decide which DAB radio they are going to buy for Christmas. On a scale of importance firstly they look for sound quality, price, design and then functions on the radio (EPG).

The number of Danes who have not yet bought a DAB radio do not want to buy the cheapest DAB radio; 51% will buy a radio priced between GBP 49,99 and 99,99, 15% expect to spend more than GBP 99, 00 and 23% expect to spend less than GBP 49, 99 on a new DAB radio.

"The falling price of DAB radios during 2007, combined with the fact that high quality DAB radios have now been reduced from GBP 99,99 to GBP 49,99-69,99. This has seen an increase in the quality of DAB radios being sold in the Danish market. We are seeing that this fall in price is having an important influence on the choices our costumers do make", said Paul Samsoe.

Most DAB radios are sold in the run up to Christmas and this year is no exception, 49% of the participants in the survey without a DAB radio say they are going to buy one in the very near future.