RNT: CSA wants to launch digital radio on preque throughout France before the end of 2012

07.02.2012 - France France

This Monday, February 6, 2012, Rachid Arhab was the guest of Le Radio.

The CSA advisor, specializing in digital radio, announced that Eric Besson, the Minister for the digital economy had agreed in principle to an addition of the DAB + standard in the texts.

By cons, Frederic Mitterrand, the Minister of Culture and Communication has still not responded.

Once the ministerial agreements issued, it will also wait for Brussels speaking on the subject, which should not be a problem since the DAB + is adopted by all other European countries.

Rachid Arhab therefore contends that it "launch before the end of 2012 a call so that we would stop to ask whether the NTR can function"

This time, the launch of NTR would simultaneously over a large part of the territory and not in three regions.

SIRTI officials have asked once again that the CSA would not hold and now delivers the authorizations for the records he selected in 2009.

Everything will be fine unless ... there are some changes in the French political world in the coming months.

Anyway, Rachid Arhab welcomed the good article on this Monday morning RTNT published in Le Figaro

The Radio Show always, many European speakers recalled that NTR had launched, with some success, in many countries.

Jonathan Arendt, recalled such as Planet Rock, the only British radio broadcast on the DAB and the Internet, now had an estimated audience of over 850,000 daily listeners and would soon exceed one million, a figure even more remarkable there is almost no radios compatible NTR in Britain then we know that listening to the radio in the car is consistent. It is true that the presence of Alice Cooper in his grill was a good boost of hearing.

The head of the RTBF, the Belgian public radio also said that in his country, rather in the region, have large groups that have requested the launch of digital radio as they believe that the radio can not be the last media not to upgrade, otherwise it will not survive.

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