SIRTI asks the government to give DAB+ the means to develop

26.01.2023 - France France

During a round table organised by the Senate's Culture, Education and Communication Committee on the theme "The future of radio in the age of DAB+", the union of independent radio stations (SIRTI) highlighted the essential role of the digital terrestrial radio broadcasting standard in the development of the medium and the importance of providing financial support for its deployment, particularly at local level. The SIRTI supported the white paper proposal made by ARCOM. The independent radio stations wish to join the proposal to draft a white paper on DAB+ made by the President of ARCOM during the round table to make their voice heard and to accelerate the expected development of DAB+. Indeed, independent radio stations are massively involved in the deployment of DAB+ in France, with 75% of them now broadcasting via this radio broadcasting standard, while this technology now covers 50% of the country.

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