Why are some automakers ditching AM radio?

14.07.2022 - Xperi Corporation WorldDAB Member

While Electric Vehicles (EVs) can serve as a tool to help curb our fossil fuel dependency, they also pose a surprisingly large threat to the radio industry — more specifically AM radio. Some EV automakers are dropping AM altogether due to audio quality concerns, but that’s just one piece of the puzzle as radio continues to fight for space on the dash. “As carmakers increase electric vehicle offerings throughout their lineups, the availability of AM radio to consumers is declining,” said Pooja Nair, communications systems engineer with Xperi Corp., in a Radio World guest commentary. In 2015, Radio Info reported that AM stations were shutting down en masse from France to the Netherlands and Russia. The frequency has largely been superseded by the DAB format. According to recent figures released by WorldDAB, 95% of new cars sold in key European markets were equipped with DAB+ receivers as standard in 2021.

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