Radio FG arrives on DAB+ in La Rochelle and Tours

30.06.2022 - France France

Radio FG has started broadcasting in the urban areas of La Rochelle and Tours on DAB+, the deployment of which in France is accelerating strongly. Radio FG is already broadcast in DAB+ in around thirty cities. In May 2022, Radio FG arrived on DAB+ in Orléans, Montargis, Blois, Poitiers, Châtellerault and Niort. In the second half of 2022, it will greatly extend its DAB+ broadcasting. Maison FG produces two other DAB+ radio stations in Paris and Île-de-France: FG Chic, focused on future disco and the French Touch, and Maxximum, devoted to musical discovery and new music. In summer 2022, Maison FG will launch a fourth station broadcast on DAB+ in Paris, Marseille and Nice: DanceOne, a dance, EDM and festive program.

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