90% of car buyers say broadcast radio should be standard in every vehicle

09.11.2021 - WorldDAB News - Commercial Radio & Audio WorldDAB Member - Radioplayer WorldDAB Member - Xperi Corporation WorldDAB Member

Broadcast radio continues to dominate as the most preferred source of in-car entertainment across the globe, according to a new international study released today by Edison Research and commissioned by WorldDAB, in partnership with Radioplayer and sponsored by National Association of Broadcasters, Commercial Radio Australia, and Xperi. Almost all (90%) of the survey respondents say a broadcast radio tuner should be standard equipment in every car, a trend that is consistent across age groups, indicating strong demand among current and future car buyers. The survey also reveals that the availability of radio has a major impact on consumers’ vehicle purchasing decisions: 82% of potential car buyers say they would be less likely to buy or lease a vehicle that is not equipped with a built-in radio tuner.

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