New VAUNET auto research - radio and audio still front and centre


Vaunet - the German industry association of commercial broadcasters - has published its research on in-car infotainment systems becoming smarter and more connected. Marci Maier, Head of Radio and Audio Services at VAUNET said: "Thanks to collaborations between the radio industry and the automotive sector, systems are being tuned to meet users' requirements, and the in-car audio experience is being perfected." Key findings are that radio is permanently integrated into the infotainment system on all the vehicle models examined, 87.5% of the infotainment systems analysed have DAB+ while around 50% have a permanently integrated internet radio. VAUNET is currently conducting further interviews with experts from the radio and audio industry and the automotive sector on strategies, technological developments, and the use of data (vehicle and usage data, metadata) - results to be published later this year.

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